10 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is Important

A responsive website design is the best option for an ecommerce site, or for any site, for that matter. If you want to ensure the best user experience and stay on good terms with Google, a responsive website design is your best bet. Read to know why we think so.

Cost Advantage

Having one website in place instead of two brings down your costs substantially. You’ll be saving quite a bit, such as the costs of developing, testing, deploying and maintaining your site. Money saved is money earned, isn’t it? Opt for an responsive web design site and you’ll find that maintenance is also much easier.

One Site For Multiple Devices

The beauty about a Responsive Web Design (RWD) is that once the site is in place, you don’t have to bother designing a separate mobile website. Your RWD will do for both desktop and mobile sites. When you make changes to your code, both sites will be updated, bringing down the work load and costs.

Attractive Content

With an responsive web design site, user frustration is greatly reduced. This is because content rearranges itself according to the browser size. Clutter is reduced, and real estate is optimized, while at the same time, menu structures and site layouts are retained as they are.


Google approves of responsive web design sites, given the single URL and the same HTML for both desktops and handhelds. Google doesn’t have to send two sets of bots to crawl through, index and organize content. Naturally, you benefit from more leads, conversions and a good amount of organic traffic.

Intuitive Navigation

Responsive web design sites are perfect to implement touch navigation systems. By doing this, you can ensure that your site design translates beautifully and intuitively on to smaller screens. Horizontal menus can be represented as vertical drop-downs, and the Quick Links menu can become a Select Menu.

Positive Content Hierarchy

Screen size doesn’t matter when you’re using responsive web design. You can clearly prioritize specific content elements and establish content hierarchy positively. Users are free to move things around so that they can focus on what they want. This helps them use your site confidently, which is always good for business.

No Need For Multiple SEO Campaigns

With an responsive web design site, you can save a lot of money and effort while working on your SEO campaign. Launch a single SEO campaign, and it’ll suffice for both your desktop site and your mobile site. All you have to do is to update your SEO campaign with mobile-specific keywords. An responsive web design site makes it possible to double your conversions through an SEO campaign that brings greater results.

Mobile Market Guaranteed

According to latest infographic by GO Gulf Dubai, 4 out of 5 smartphone users, use smartphones to shop online . This spells greater ROI for you, given that mobile business is increasingly on the rise. With an responsive web design site, you are poised to take advantage of the huge mobile market with ease.

Better User Interaction

Given that your site has just one URL, users can easily interact with your site and share content.  Users will also find it easy to link to your site from any handheld device. For users on the move, watching the same site render beautifully on both desktops and handhelds offers great comfort.

Optimal User Engagements

You no longer have to worry about your backlinks and how they’re being rendered. Your RWD takes care of that. All backlinks will lead to the right place, and this helps increase user experience and site engagement. Also, traffic and link value will be consolidated, since there’ll be just one website.