3 Best Online Trading Platform User Experiences

When you are trading on a regular basis you’ll want to make sure that the online trading platform you are using has a nice UX, or user experience. There is a great degree of difference between the different software systems you can use and here we’ll take a look at the top three that are easiest on the eyes.

Style Points Count

Since you’ll be trading stocks each day you’ll be spending several hours tracking different companies’ stock performance. It’s important to have something that has both form and function. Some factors to consider when choosing an online trading website include:

  • The ability to quickly look up a stock and get as much useful information in as short a time as possible.
  • The ability to execute trades quickly and securely, as well as be able to choose the types of orders, including market orders, limit orders, or stop orders.
  • The use of color schemes that make it easy to see the information and make comparisons of stocks, and being able to customize and tailor the view to your needs.


E-Trade has been around for awhile now and was crucial in creating the ability for the average investor to be able to trade online. It is no wonder that they have continued to make improvements on their design over the years, and now they have a very user-friendly trading platform that is a breeze to use and is ultra helpful.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade didn’t always have a very good interface for users, but they’ve made strides in recent years to improve the look and feel of their software so that it functions better and works more intuitive than it used to. You can get a quick and detailed briefing on a stock without having it presented in a confusing or jumbled way. Everything is neat, orderly, and properly color-coded.


At first sight, you might think that TradeStation is pretty rudimentary as far as the user experience goes. However, if you are looking for function over form you’ve come to the right place. Their software is quite a workhorse and you’ll definitely feel like a big-time investor when you see how many different stocks you can track at the same time in different tabs.

If you want to become a day trader you’ll want to check out how easy it is with TradeStation to get very precise and accurate information throughout the day in real time so that you can make the best decisions possible at the right moment. If you are just dabbling in stock trading and want something a little more dressed up check out TD Ameritrade or E-Trade as described above.

At the end of the day it comes down to your personal preference. Try out each of these online trading websites to see which one works best for you. You should feel drawn to using it and look forward to your sessions with it instead of feeling like it is something that you have to do or suffer through.