3 Things to Consider When Developing a Website

In today’s world you don’t have to be a programmer or have gone to school for web design to be able to develop and have a website. There are literally hundreds of sites and tutorials out there that provide free templates and startup ideas for any kind of website imaginable.

Your purpose for building a website is obviously going to affect what site you choose to use as a building tool, as well your choice to use the basic templates on a site that are usually free of charge, or if you’re going to pay a little money to be able to have more more options in the design process.

You are going to be making a lot of decisions in a relatively short amount of time, and a lot of the decisions don’t seem particularly consequential, but they are.

Multimedia on Your Site Can Make or Break You

Pictures and video on a website are tools that can be very helpful, but they can also serve to do the opposite. When deciding what pictures or multimedia to put on your site, consider the purpose, and never put something just up for the sake of having it.

It needs to serve a direct purpose, i.e., call the viewer to action, inspire them, or intrigue them to the point that they keep scrolling through your page. Another reason you need to be purposeful with your multimedia is because video and images can slow down the loading time on a site. If the viewer can’t almost instantly see what is available on your site, you’ve already lost the battle.

Provide A Way to Connect Through Mobile Device

It’s getting to the point where people are using desktop computers less and less. There will always be a purpose for them, yes, but you can’t take a desktop with you anywhere. You can take a laptop anywhere, but you still have to have a wifi connection. With mobile devices, especially cell phones, a person can view your site from anywhere.

On the same thread, one of the images you do choose to use on your site should be a photo that tells an individual how to connect via text message. It’s low commitment and allows you as the owner to connect with a large amount of customers at no cost to you. The customer is also benefited because they get immediate updates about your site when new things are up or when sales are going on.

Be Responsive, Not Just Mobile

Now that you’re connecting with people via mobile device, it’s crucial to have a responsive design and not just a mobile one. Mobile sites are often restricted and don’t adapt well from device to device. In a world full of many different viewing platforms you must have this right. Look into what this entails and you’ll be that much closer to having a successful website.