6 Benefits of Using Google Maps on Your Website

Google is the most popular search engine in the United States by far. Its parent company, Alphabet, ranks at 27 on the list of Fortune 500 companies, thanks to its innovative services and essential contribution to society.
One of the most widely used Google services is Google Maps. Armed with this handy tool, people may travel virtually anywhere in the world without getting lost (or at least not getting too lost).

It’s also a great tool for businesses. Though not inherently helpful for companies that operation only online, when it’s incorporated on your website, Google Maps can be a critical component. Here are six of the biggest reasons you should be using Google Maps on your website if you aren’t.

  1. Show Customers Your Location On-Site

Once you have an interested person on your website, the last thing you want him to do is leave. But let’s say your address is listed, but there’s no map feature. If customers want to see where you’re located, they have to leave the page and input the location into a new tab.

While they’re looking at Google Maps outside your website, they could easily get distracted by an advertisement or a competitor’s website. By placing Google Maps on your website, you give visitors the location information they need without raising your bounce rate.

In addition, you can use maps to provide further information. For example, this law office website uses Google Maps to pinpoint a particular jurisdiction in its content. This adds extra value to the firm’s content and minimizes the risks of a potential client wandering off.

  1. Rank Higher in Search Engines

According to research, 97 percent of businesses go online to search for other companies. More than two-thirds of all online visitors use Google as their search engine of choice.

Using Google Maps on your website connects more users with your site at absolutely no extra cost to you. Google will also recognize your collaborative efforts and reward you for it.

The search giant caches your files and makes it easier for customers to find your website when they need services in a specific area. Given the competitiveness of firms all over the country, every little bit helps to boost your search engine rankings.

When you incorporate Google Maps into your website, fill in the information on Google Places for your physical business. This will enable potential customers to find your business when they search for it.

It’s also a great resource for helping you increase search rankings and learn more about improving your online presence.

  1. Let Customers See Your Storefront

Sometimes customers want to see what your business looks like as an incentive to visit. Google Maps allows those people to zoom in and view an image of your shop.

Now, it’s true that these images aren’t always current, and if you’re a brand-new business in a fairly remote town, the most current picture of your storefront may not show up. But Google Maps constantly improves its services.

In some cities, images will show up as quickly as 15 minutes prior to when someone looks the location up. This allows people to stay current with your business and any physical changes it may undergo.

Inquisitive visitors may also want to see the immediate neighborhood in which your storefront is located. This can be extra advantageous to you if your operations stands near other amenities that people might like to visit at the same time.

  1. Increase Site Credibility

Visitors may not recognize your website at first glance, but they’ll always recognize Google Maps. When people see a brand they recognize is associated with your brand, that immediately increases the credibility of your site.

Google Maps links also help to allay any fears that your operation might be fake or a scam. When people can see the physical location on a map, and even zoom in to view the storefront, they’ll instantly regard your business as a greater authority in the marketplace.

  1. Leave a Great Impression

You get just one chance to make a great first impression on your customers. Every detail of your site design will contribute to that initial impact, for good or ill. So using a popular and functional plugin like Google Maps will add to the positive.

On the other hand, don’t make the mistake of thinking that inserting Google Maps in your website will make up for bad design. You must still give proper attention to an effective and tasteful design, but assuming you’ve done that, Google Maps will help to tip the scales.

  1. People All Over the World Can See It

Why limit yourself to local clientele only? Companies who want to broaden their customer base geographically can benefit from the fact that Google Maps works in almost every part of the world.

That means overseas customers who want to do business with outfits in the U.S. will be able to see your location and use that to their advantage. Integrating Google Maps into your website is easy and with so many benefits, it’s a no-brainer!