7 Ways to Incorporate Web Data into Your CRM

Keeping tabs on every detail of your business is hard enough, but throw in every detail about your business as well as every detail of your customers? Nearly impossible to keep all of that information straight.

You more than likely keep profiles on all of your clients and customers in some form or another, keeping a record of preferences and past purchases and interests, but when it comes time to pull out that file, some information may be missing, incorrect, or just plain not findable. The act of keeping close ties with your customers is called CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, and it’s an art to be a pro at it. Account managers know this term well, but you don’t have to be a giant company with a long list of different clients to need a full time CRM representative working for you – all you need is a few clients to start feeling the weight of trying to keep all of their information straight and accurate.

It sounds complicated, and truth be told, it really was in the past, to keep everything straight and organized precisely for each customer. These days, it couldn’t be simpler thanks to CRM compilation software. Below, we take a look at just how CRM software can be of help to you when linked to your website, and spoiler alert – it can do a lot.

Customers have profiles that display their tastes and needs

Your customers are like snowflakes – each one is completely unique from the last. With all those differences, be they minor to major, you’re going to have to keep every detail straight so that you as the service provider can be as helpful to them as possible.

CRM software can help you by creating profiles automatically on each of your clients that display their preferences, their habits, and also their histories on all things relating to you and your services. Having them fill out profiles on your website that ask specific questions as to how you can best help them is a great start on keeping track of what exactly it is that they want from you and your company, so consider having a section of your website be dedicated to asking questions to be filled in by your clients and customers.

It can provide precision in generating leads

Having a digital file on your clients and customers, regardless of what line of services you provide for them, is crucial because you can track what it is that they want and are looking into. We call these kinds of conclusions “leads”.

Being able to track what it is your clients and customers are looking into allows you to understand exactly what it is that they are looking for so that you can be one step ahead in satisfying that need for them. Are your clients and customers looking for the lowest price on a service compared to competitors, with CRM, now you explicitly know that. Monitor your clients’ needs and wants through every step to ensure that you are top of mind at all times.

Web Integration Leads to Personally Catered Support

When you arm yourself with personal marketing data, you are not trying to force a relationship, you are building a natural one, and that kind of personal bond between producer and consumer is a hard one break. When you have personal marketing data working for you, you can provide that much better of a service to your customers, and that leads to longevity of a relationship, and word will spread that your business operates for the long haul rather than a quick buck. Customers want that personal touch and by incorporating your web collected data to your CRM, you are providing exactly that.

Have All Information Organized in One Single Place

When you link your web data to your CRM, you are building your website around your customers, which allows your customers and clients to have access to their profiles, and therefore allowing them to edit and alter their information according to what they really want.

Weeding out likes and dislikes, showing click through rates and downloads, showcasing exactly they are looking for is what you can expect when you place customization into the hands of your customers and clients.

Keep Anything and Everything as Streamlined as Possible

On top of all of the above reasons, the most important besides better relationships leading to more customers is that it keeps everything straight and efficient. CRM companies, like that of Sales Force for example, make organizing and compiling of all of your CRM data as easy as just tapping away on your smart phone or desktop, making it that much easier for you and your customer relationship managers to focus in on doing what you do best – serving your customers.

Web Integration Allows Metrics on things like Click-Through Rates

Making sales is not an exact science, but it certainly feels like it is when it comes down to customer conversion. Integrating web data into CRM software is exponentially helpful because it allows you and your sales team to be able to even better understand what your potential customers are looking for. This is done by tracking click-through rates on things like landing pages, how long they linger on specific pages connected to your website, following what kinds of items make it into online shopping carts, and what kids of pages are even book marked or frequently visited.

This kind of information is outstandingly helpful in positioning yourself in just the right way for your potential customers to make a successful conversion.

Why Does All This Matter? – More Sales and Customer Referrals

At this point, you may be trying to understand why exactly CRM is something that you should make a priority. Yes, you could try and keep tabs on your customer relationships by hand, but manually tracking each and every one of your customers, both potential and existing, and all of their past histories with you as well as future prospects will prove to be impossible in the long run. Why does that bode a problem? It can be a problem because not keeping things personal with your customer can create distance in between you two, and distance can eventually lead to them replacing your services with that of another company.

Having your company make customer relationships a priority means intimacy between you and your customers, which in today’s modern world where many companies offer the same service or product, can make your own company stand out amongst the others. Having a great report with all of your customers is possible with the right CRM, and that kind of relationship always translates into customer referrals – which means more business and income for you.