8 Best Chat Plugins for Your Blog

With the increasing rate of competition in the online world, no blogger or marketer can afford to stay behind when it comes to offering stellar browsing experience for visitors. Online chat is one of the quickest ways to interact with customers and offer support. It helps provide satisfaction among your clients, which is key to a successful website. Here are eight chat plugins that are useful to any website.

1. ClickDesk Live Support

Click desk is one of the plugins available for WordPress websites and other blogs. It enables the user to apply live chat and voice chat. It makes it possible for web visitors to click and call the support directly from the browser. In addition, one can use the local access numbers of over forty countries provided in the plugin. The plugin is simple to use and customizable. It supports multiple languages and has a wide variety of features. The pricing consists of $12.99 for the Lite package and $ 21.99 for Pro. The pricing differs with number of features you want. If you want full experience of the plugin, you should go for the Pro version.

2. Quick Chat

Quick chat is a WordPress chat plugin with extensive features that optimize user experience in a website. With quick chat, you can support private chat, create chat rooms and even use a word-filtering feature. It is a self-hosted chat alternative and one of the best plugins provided by WordPress. All the chat messages available in quick chat are consolidated and stored in local WordPress database. They are totally at your disposal, which means you can use them in whichever way you like. In addition, there are no monthly charges for this plugin. You can download the plugin from the WordPress website.

3. Chat X

Chat X is a premium plugin that allows the administrator of a blog or a business website to chat with his or her clients for sales and customer support. It has a wide variety of high-end features that allow it provide optimized user experience. It has advanced control system based on offline login forms. The plugin also has updated user interface that is simple to use. It is fully secure and auto-updates itself on a regular basis. The premium users enjoy unlimited chats with offline message history. You only have to pay $21 for a regular license.

4. WordPress Live Chat Plugin

WordPress Live Chat Plugin offers a wide variety of options for interacting with site visitors. It has fully customizable features with simple interface for a nice chatting experience. One of the most advanced features in this plugin is that it allows you to have more than one support staff reply to a question coming from the same visitor. The plugin also has a feature that gives you email notifications in case someone logs in the chat. It is also easy to install and goes for only $15, which is a one-time fee.

5. Free Live Support Chat

This plugin allows users to add live support chat on their websites with ease. It has a fully customizable interface with free plans that has unlimited domains and SSL encryptions. It is easy to set up. You only have to copy a line of JavaScript into the website, and the widget will start working immediately. One can also invite members of the team, monitor and track them. It is free.

6. BumpIn Chat Widget

BumpIn is a special chat plugin mainly used by WorPress bloggers. It has a multi-IM chat capability that allows site visitors to chat using other platforms such as Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger. The plugin is a good source of direct traffic and is highly recommended by experts.

7. HTML5 Online Chat Room Widget

HTML5 is a chat plugin that allows the user to connect with website, blog and site visitors in real time. It has features that make it a viable plugin for websites, community radio shows and even sport broadcasting events. Users have the option of choosing a chat theme from a pool of available themes. The user is also free to create his or her own theme for a unique and functional chat experience. It doesn’t cost a penny.

8. FlexyTalk Live Chat

FlexyTalk not only makes live chat possible but it also improves the overall appearance of a website. It is a good tool you can include when you to make a blog. The plugin allows for the integration of instant messaging and mobile functions. You don’t have to download it. You just click on it and use it directly.

Live chat plugins are very important because nowadays most online shoppers use live chat support more than any other means of communication. The plugins are very fruitful due to the traffic and customer satisfaction associated with them. A good plugin should make your support system very easy and interesting. When you learn how to start a blog, consider the plugins discussed above for optimum customer experience.