Four Ways Your Website Hosting Can Help You Attract and Keep Visitors

So, you’ve snapped up an absolute bargain on shared web hosting and you’ve taken advantage of some of its free features -like one-click installation for example- to design, build, and ultimately launch your website.

Now comes the tricky part, attracting visitors and keeping them returning to your site time and time again. Unlike in that Kevin Costner movie from the 80s, just because you build it, that’s no guarantee that they’ll actually come. In fact, most of the hard work in running a successful website actually only begins once you’ve gone live as you set out to draw people in and give them a reason to return.

The good news though, is that you’re not alone in this, and though it may not be immediately obvious, there’s a number of ways that your website hosting can do much to help you attract and keep those visitors. Here’s just four of them.

Site speed and performance

If there’s one critical factor in ensuring your visitors stay with you once they get to your site, it’s how quickly that website loads on their browsers, and how well it performs as they navigate their way around.

Without sufficient site speeds and bandwidth resources, your audience is likely to experience the kind of slow loading pages that will turn them off and send them reaching for the back button. In the worst case scenario, many may not bother coming back, even if you manage to improve things.

Luckily, if you’ve chosen your new package carefully, your host should be working hard in the background to ensure visitors get the kind of experience they expect when they land on your site.

Free advertising

These days, many of the leading web hosting providers bundle a whole bunch of free online advertising credits in with their shared hosting plans as means of attracting new customers and getting ahead of the competition.

In a lot of cases, you’ll have as much as $200 of credits to use on top advertising networks such as those on Google, Bing and even Facebook. Whilst you may have to top up with your own cash to really make your advertising campaign successful, these freebies can really come in handy when it comes to making your presence felt online and drawing in new audiences.


Speaking of drawing in new audiences, few things have proven more effective in getting eyeballs on your website and convincing existing readers to keep coming back for more than by providing them with a steady stream of fresh, relevant, and shareable content.

There’s lots of ways you could do that of course, but perhaps the easiest and most efficient is to incorporate a blog into your website. Again, your hosting company should be able to help here, especially if you look among the countless apps available in that aforementioned one-click installation suite.

Along with major content platforms like WordPress, you may well find that your web hosting provider comes equipped with a number of smaller blogging tools that you can integrate seamlessly into your existing website and use to build up a successful content marketing campaign.

Newsletter tools

The same goes for keeping in touch with your customers even when they’re not actually there on your website. Though it’s easy to dismiss email marketing, especially if we’re of the type who sign up to newsletters and then never open them, research suggests that it’s still an effective method of building your brand, sharing your new content and convincing customers to check out your site.

Again, a number of leading hosting companies include email tools within their hosting plans to help you build up your mailing list and start sending newsletters to both attract new visitors and keep existing ones returning time after time.