How to Increase Your Website Traffic

You’ve driven resources into your website. You have a clear understanding of the strategy behind it, your calls to action, and how it can benefit your business, but you’re not seeing the amount of interaction you’d like. If the volume of visitors coming to the pages of your website and interacting with it is lower than you’d like, check out the following five ways to boost your website traffic and get closer to your goals.

Go where they are

You knew we were going to say it at some point, so let’s get it over with right now: use social media. If the type of people you want to visit your website are on social media platforms, you should be, too. Don’t dash right out and start publishing everything on your website to Facebook, however. Do some homework and get a clear idea of where the fans, clients or customers you want to engage with spend their time. Make sure you understand the rules and conventions of that channel before diving in with content and interactions optimised to connect.

Improve search discoverability

“Googling” is now a verb. Your clients are out there searching for what you offer, but they might not be finding you in the process. Put some time into brainstorming, researching and understanding how they search for content, services or offerings like yours, including the format they prefer, the keywords or search terms they use, and the places they start their search. Then focus on fitting your content and design to meet that. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is this process of refinement and strategic targeting to ensure you’re accessible to the visitors you want on your site.

Promote yourself

Promote your offerings or services. Paid advertisements are always an option to draw more traffic. Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is the practise of paying for ads right in the search engines. These display your website at or near the top of search results in a dedicated ad space, in video or graphics-based display ads on websites, or on social media channels for a fee. This could bring your website and brand some general exposure, but it works best when used in conjunction with a limited-time promotion or push.

Create quality content

The quality of your written content is vital for drawing visitors to your website. Focus your strategy on regularly creating, high-quality, original content and you will persuade your visitors to keep coming back. If you do not have time or ability to create such content then consider using internet copywriters who will have a good understanding of the inner workings of SEO strategies and create targeted content to boost your website traffic.

Provide value

Aim to provide value to the people you want to interact with at every opportunity. Your strategic goals are important, but you’ll never achieve them without offering the visitors, influencers, fans, clients or customers you need something that they want. This can be entertainment or information. It might be an experience that is refreshing, surprising, or delightful and amusing, or it could be added value in the form of a promotion or freebie.

Growing your website traffic requires investment and a clear understanding of the strategy for your website and business success, along with the audience, tools, channels and content forms involved. For the greatest return on your investment, consider putting together a specialist team or take the time to understand each avenue to growth thoroughly before implementation.