The Tech Savvy Solution to Achieving Productivity and Safety Simultaneously

In today’s world, we have access to technology that can change our lives so significantly that our behavior becomes dependent on the change. Application development across smart devices has improved the productivity and safety of our digital and real-world interactions so much over the last ten years. In fact, it has redefined our behavioural habits. Applications such as GPS navigation and instant messaging are just a couple of the life-changing applications that we use nowadays as a part of our everyday habits. With a hub of app developers in Melbourne, there is an opportunity for organisations to contribute to the changes in consumer behavior in people’s interaction with mobile devices.

The opportunity to leverage the power of newly developed apps to increase the productivity in a user’s day has never been greater. Even now, schools have introduced the use of smart devices like mobile devices and tablets that the opportunity in the app development market will continue to grow exponentially over the next 10 to 20 years.

The world’s largest apps marketplace on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Samsung also has their app marketplace as well. There are some marketplaces across the globe where there are millions of active users and buyers for the apps. For app developers, this presents a lucrative opportunity by gaining revenue from app sales or via advertising revenues on their applications.

The trend towards the tech savvy consumer is increasing and companies who are making moves now to catch the wave will thrive. Some of the areas of opportunity for companies to develop include the following.

Synchronization apps

With the advancement of cloud-based technology, applications have cleverly used the cloud to synchronise and store and share data. The benefit is that there is more accessibility to data from different digital access points that wouldn’t have even been considered 20 years ago. Storing and saving data in secure places has been a game changer. There is more accessibility to data that is also aligned with data security.

Interesting applications to boost productivity

The popular apps tend to be those that focus on one specialty area to improve the ease and convenience of the app user. You can turn your computer or your mobile device into a powerful productivity machine. Below are a few examples that have been real game-changers in the 21st century.

Applications to help with time management

The emerging applications on mobile devices are improving efficiency. The smart device generation is becoming better with time management because there are applications that help them to do this for them without even thinking about it. Some of the application functional processes has targeted:

Calendar syncing

To improve planning and managing time schedules for meetings and appointments both in the business and social environment. Depending on the integration functionality, that the app offers, you may be able to integrate it with other applications for seamlessly merging any information or data that you require. You can find out from the developer if there are any ‘plug-in’ options that may suit your requirements.


Where people could easily forget appointments or tasks that they were meant to do, the applications can now do all of the remembering for you so that all you need to do is store the information as required into your device.

Time zones

There was always a difficulty with working out the time zones for different countries to coordinate calls and managing the delivery of task or work schedules. There are applications that ease this process. Functions such as the date and clock modes can instantly tell you the times in different countries so you can coordinate communication and correspondence activities.

Contact management

This has been a major game changer. One of the biggest fears for people that have is that they will lose their contacts. Additionally, synchronising their contacts from their presence on other web and mobile development platforms makes it easier to access and contact when they need, without having to jump from program to program.

Directions and maps

The development of both online and offline maps has been brilliant. The applications have become so great that the maps can be a guide for where you are going whether you are online or not.

This increases your efficiency by reducing the amount of time that may be wasted trying to find the location or getting lost along the way. Additionally, you can receive a visual confirmation of where you are going so there is more clarity between the parties who are going to that location.

Incentivising applications

Application developments towards incentives and motivation have been instrumental with improving work and exercise habits. These applications that help to educate the user about their habitual practices and the benchmark that is required to exceed beyond their expectations. The applications range from health monitoring to mood and atmosphere changing applications that can provide forecasts or performance rewards.

Record keeping

The record keeping functionality that applications offer on smart devices is a great way to store and manage records. Functions such as still and video recording cameras, document scanning and leveraging QR codes to store and gain access to data that can then be archived into your storage as required.

Weather and routes

Don’t let the weather impact the plans that you have. Application that can help you with weather forecasts that could impact your plans are helpful especially when you are planning an event in an area, where you need to be savvy about the impact weather conditions may have on your plans.

Turning your device into a learning centre

There is an increase in the amount of applications that turn your smart device into a learning centre or classroom. Learn languages with apps such as Duolingo or download courses through your podcast to learn on the go.

Applications provide an educational opportunity that could have only been dreamed about years ago. If your business isn’t making use of applications, identify niche opportunities that your business can expand on to create to improve the convenience of smartphone users and to enhance further productivity and safety amongst smart device users.