Tips For Developing Your Art Business Online

If you are an artist you probably have a hope of selling your art someday, or maybe doing some commissioned pieces for lucky buyers. In order for people to garner interest in your art, though, they need to see it. That means you need to start working on online development for your art business. In order for a fan to become a fan, and in order for them to request a special work of art, people need to see your work.

Sure, you can get your work into local galleries, and you can sell your stuff through local stores or at the local art fair, but you will get a wider variety of interest if you put your work online. Here are some tips for developing your art business using the internet.

Set Up A Website

This first step you need to take is to set up a website. Your website will be more than just a web page, but also your online portfolio. You need to make sure that it share some well done photos of your work, high resolution photos that are easy to view and are friendly to mobile devices too.

Make sure that your website has a page that tells visitors all about you. How did you get started, what are your mediums, and where can they find your work. Your about page will be the one page of your site that is more about you than your art itself.

If you sell your artwork anywhere online, or it is available at any local stores that have websites, make sure that you have a page with links to where people can purchase your art, if not simply through you. You’ll need a gallery page, and you also might want to consider starting a blog.

Create A Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to reach out to people. Your art blog gives you a place where you can get really indepth with your fans on why you do certain pieces of art. When you do a new piece, do a blog post that includes a photo of your work, a list of what you used to make it, and the reasoning behind the piece.

People will enjoy getting to know you and your work better. Your blog is also a great place to talk about recent art shows you’ve done and your experiences. You may inspire future artists.

Use Social Media

Social media allows you to share your website and your blog posts, and gives fans a place where they can comment on your work freely, or ask you about what inspires you. Don’t just get on Facebook and Twitter though.

Make sure to get the most out of your social media experience. Get on LinkedIN, which is a great business site. Use Instagram to share art in progress. And, you can even make videos of your art in progress with YouTube.

Be Creative

You’re an artist, be creative online with your artwork. Take photos every step of the way. Make collages with your art photos so that you can share more with people in one fail swoop.