What Pages Should You Create For Your Personal Style Blog?

When you are building a new blog, as well as making your homepage look amazing, and ensuring your blog posts are easy to find and displayed in the right style for the content, you also have to think about your other static pages. These are pages that are not normal time constrained blog posts, but tell the user something about the site itself or provide a point of reference when they are using your other content.

What Pages Should You Create For Your Personal Style Blog

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If the blog you are creating is a personal style blog – that is a fashion blog that focuses on your own ideas, outfits, and ways of wearing trends, then here are some ideas for the pages you should create to help give your visitors the best experience and really brand your blog.

About Me

Most blogs have an ‘About Me’ or ‘About Us’ page, whether they are business sites, niche news sites or just about anything else. With a personal style blog, however, this page is actually even more important, because where people visit your blog posts to find inspiration it is usually because they feel you have similar taste to them, and they naturally want to know a little more about you.

The About Me page can be as personal as you want it to be. Some style bloggers really want their readers to think of them as friends, and describe their families, lifestyles and interests outside of fashion quite openly. If you don’t feel comfortable making all that stuff available to the internet as a whole, you can create a blogging persona with a pen name and simply talk about your own style and fashion tastes here – after all, this is what people came for!

Style Directory

Another reason people visit other people’s personal style blogs is to try and discover new places to buy great clothes. It can therefore be a great idea to have a page accessible from your main menu that lists all the online boutiques and physical shops you have featured items from on your blog. If you write for a particular fashion niche, such as vintage fashion, plus size fashion, or maternity fashion, it can be even more important to help your readers find those amazing boutique dresses and online retailers who sell the kind of clothes they are looking for.

Work With Me

One of the perks of running a successful personal style blog is that if your site is good quality and you have built a following, brands may ask you to be an ambassador for them and write about their products. You can be paid for this, or given free things to use or wear so you can write about them or show them off on your site. You should therefore have a page for advertisers who may want to work with you, detailing your policies, the kind of partnerships you are interested in, and how they can approach you.

These are just three of the pages every personal style blog must have to make it easy for readers or other interested parties to find what they are looking for, and also help you shape the feel of your blog.