Why You Should Use a VPN If You Update Your Blog on the Move

One of the best things, if you are a blogger, is being able to create new content on your blog wherever you have an internet connection. Why wait until you get home to report on the event you are at and post your pictures when you can stay ahead of competing blogs at getting the news to your readers? Why put off writing and posting the cool article you had an idea for while on a train journey? With mobile internet and the abundance of Wi-Fi hotspots in helpful places like hotels, airports, coffee shops and bars, if you have some free time or some exclusive stuff to post, you can update your blog right away.


Photo by Sue Richards

However, things are not quite as perfect as they sound in the world of blogging on the go. While finding internet access is usually pretty easy if you are in a town or a transport hub, the kind of networks you are connecting to with your trusty laptop, tablet or phone are not really the most secure you could hope for. This is really something of a requirement for public or guest Wi-Fi, so the people kindly providing you with free internet access are not to blame, but public Wi-Fi is notoriously easy for anyone with some hacking skills and tech to ‘snoop’ on, and potentially compromise your data.

Using a Virtual Private Network to Protect Yourself

By far the easiest and most commonly adopted way of boosting your security when you access the internet from a public network is to use a Virtual Private Network, known in the tech world as a VPN. The main thing this does is provide security and encryption to everything passing to and from you over the internet, and it also makes your browsing anonymous. You can even hide what country you are in to get around issues with access to certain content in certain regions, which can be great if you are a travel blogger!

Choosing a VPN Service

You can set up your own VPN, but for many people it is easiest just to subscribe to a VPN service they can simply log on to whenever they like. It only takes a minute to log in, so when you connect your device to the public Wi-Fi, you then just need to fire up the VPN to proceed with your secure, anonymous browsing. There are plenty of service like this to choose from, and if you want some help deciding what kind of product is best for you, then it can be helpful to look at a VPN service review sites for comparisons and advice.

If you want the peace of mind of knowing that wherever you are, your activity when you are updating your blog on the go is secure, then making the small investment it would take to get a good VPN service is definitely the simplest and most effective way to go.