Tips on Creating Science Presentation: 7 PowerPoint Templates Inside

Making science presentations is quite a task, especially with organizing all the information and making it clear to the public. Scientific presentation is one of the ways of sharing your work, hypothesis, and observation, as well as introducing the audience to your study and its results. When creating this presentation, you ask yourself how can you efficiently get across your message to the audience. One of the ways is choosing an appropriate design that will be both simple and elegant. An appropriate design will make your presentation easier to understand and more pleasant to look at.

The most convenient way to create a successful science presentation is to use a premade template. MasterBundles is a great platform to find simple, engaging, and beautiful science templates. On MasterBundles you can find all types of PowerPoint templates for any subject. If you are looking for a cool template to communicate your message, you can find it here:  In this post, we’ll share some tips on how to make a successful science presentation as well as share the best science ppt templates that you can customize for your strategy or project.

Tips on Creating a Science Presentation

  • Before making your presentation, ask yourself who will be your audience and how long your presentation will be. For longer presentations (about an hour long), use 15 minutes for a proper introduction and devote the last 5 minutes to the summary. For shorter presentations opt for 3-5 minutes introduction, and 2 minutes of summary.
  • Make sure to create an informative title and a clear hypothesis statement. 
  • Present your topic and tell the audience what they will learn from it. A good start determines a successful presentation and you should make your study interesting for the audience. Tell them why it’s important, what useful information they can learn from it and where they can use it, and explain your motivation.
  • Make each slide deliver a separate message unit. This will help your audience to focus on what key point you’re talking about. 
  • Talk about the methods you use and explain all the graphs you include. Don’t forget to annotate any data used in graphs and tables as well as opt for simple diagrams.
  • Don’t forget about the conclusion and comprehensive summary of your presentation.

Some of the common mistakes in making science presentations include: 

  • Choosing poor font and sizes
  • Choosing inappropriate colors for background and color schemes
  • Adding too much data text or too many text lines

To avoid these and many more mistakes that make your presentation look unprofessional, choose professionally designed PowerPoint templates. These templates will save you time and energy and you don’t have to start everything from scratch. Plus, if you often give science presentations it’s a win-win for you as you can simply reuse the template and put whatever text you need. Here are our top 7 science PowerPoint templates

  1. Huge Scientific Presentation Templates Bundle: 250 Slides

This huge template bundle includes 250 slides, so you can easily make sure you don’t miss anything important! This science presentation template is fully editable, and you can change the colors, text, and photos to fit your needs. Available in PPTX, KEY, and Google slide formats you can edit it on any device. You’ll receive a google docs link, but don’t forget to make a copy before editing. Use this presentation for education, recreation, scientific work, or discussing any scientific breakthroughs.

  1. Best Science PPT Template 2022. 50 Scientific Powerpoint Slides And Google Slides & Keynote

Enjoy these 50 slides and choose a layout that fits your content and topic. This is a basic PowerPoint template that you can use for any science topic. Feel free to add, re-order, or delete slides and tailor the template to your needs and preferences. It also comes with engaging maps, icons, graphs, tables, and charts.

  1. Science Center Presentation Template

Choose from 5 elegant and simple color schemes and make your science presentation stylish. This template is fully edible and you can easily change visuals and texts within these sophisticated designs. 

  1. Education & Science Infographic PPT

This PowerPoint template includes 20 slides each beautifully designed and with its own infographics, photos, or charts. It includes playful backgrounds and easy-to-understand charts which makes it perfect for teaching purposes.

  1. Space Science Presentation Template: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides

If you need to create a space-inspired science presentation, this template is a great choice for you. Go with classic red, blue, and yellow color schemes, or if you’re feeling adventurous choose purple or turquoise colors.

  1. Science Research Powerpoint Template

Available in 5 different color schemes this presentation template is an easy way to make your science presentation more engaging and professionally looking. Why make everything from scratch if you can use a premade template and save time for preparing the content?

  1. Nanotechnology Powerpoint Template

A great template for those who’re making a PowerPoint on nanotechnology. The slides are fully editable so you can easily change colors, text, and photos to suit your needs. You can also use this template infographics which will help you add a visual element to your presentation.