Tips For Designing Your Vlog Page

Starting a blog dedicated to video is what is referred to as a vlog.  It is an extremely popular way of keeping up with your followers and even providing informational tutorials.  As more and more vlogs rise in popularity, the demand for a fantastic design is increased as you are expected to stand out from your competition.

If you want to make sure that your vlog looks clean, professional, and the best that it can, here are some of the best tips for making sure it does the trick.

Make Your Video The Center Of The Design

When you are designing your page it can become tempting to want to add bells and whistles and fancy graphics with blinking lights and whatever other widgets and gizmos tempt your eye.  The best way to design your page, however, is to make the video the absolute center of your attention.

There should be a clear visual attraction towards you video, not distracting the eye towards other parts of your page.  When your video becomes the main visual of your page you are creating a true vlog.  Video is the main content of your page and nothing else. Stay true to this.

Minimize Clutter

If your page has too many links and posts on one page it can cause your page to take an extremely long time to load, detracting from the experience of your visitors.  Try to keep your pages simple.  Make it so that your visitors don’t have to scroll too much but can rather click from page to page for shorter loading times.

This is the best way to make sure that you don’t have people leaving your page before they’ve even seen your content.  If a first-time visitor lands on your page and they have to wait over 10 seconds for your content to load then they are most likely going to click away.  In this modern age, people aren’t used to long loading times and will have very little tolerance for it.

Don’t Forget Links To Archives

In order to best organize your past posts, you should organize into archives of periods of time.  This is the best way to not only give your visitors the tools to go back and find posts of yours that they liked, but also makes it easier for you to organize your content.

Use Hashtags

When it comes to vlogging hashtags are your best friends.  Make sure that for each post you use as many hashtags as you can in order to best target your audience and bring people to your page. Remember to keep them relevant, however.  If you use hashtags that have nothing to do with your posts, people will only get irritated when they visit your page and don’t find what they were searching for.