Web Design Tips: Give Stuff Away!

Obviously, there are a lot of technical elements to creating a solid website, but there are some attention-grabbing pieces of code and design that you can use to your advantage as well that have less to do with those technical aspects, and more to do with technique itself.

For example, think about how much better your design will be absorbed if you attach some sort of free giveaway to your main webpage? Think of things like giving away a free analysis, free sample, discount for becoming a member, complimentary consultation, or even free gifts for registering with the site or company. All of these instant gratification grabbers are ways to bring people into the rest of your site’s design.

Free Analysis

Check out websites that offer free analysis for real estate, or a graphics design project, or an estimate for a home improvement job. If the notification is highlighted on the front page of the website, that’s an automatic point of intrigue for anyone wandering through. If your company or brand can possibly offer some type of analysis for free, then incorporate that design into your main framework!

Free Sample

Offering free samples is another great way to get people hooked into your website. If you have something digital to offer, like a digital book for sale, for instance, you could have a few chapters for free that you have easily available on your web page. Again, this is all about getting people’s attention first, and then getting them hooked. You might even say that’s the point of a website anyway, so this first “free” concept is just an extension of what you’re trying to accomplish commercially anyway.

Discounts For Membership

Sometimes your web page is going to funnel people into the idea of signing up for some kind of membership. If you offer a discount, this will go a long way. Think of how many times you’re browsing the net and you run across these offers? Think about which ones affect you the most positively, and copy their designs for your own purposes.

Complimentary Consultation

Another way to give something out for free is to offer a complimentary consultation. Basically, you’re giving a person who has come across your website a way to talk to you for free about what they might want from you. There are live chats that you can set up with your site exactly for this purpose as well.

Registration Gifts

And finally, there’s the hook of giving people something from you if they simply register for your site. Basically, this is a way for you to trade them a discount on some product in exchange for their email address. It really is a win-win situation, but you have to make sure that you’re not too aggressive with your self-advertising as well.