15 Website Designs To Draw Inspiration From For Your New Drupal Website

While WordPress is the most popular CMS platform, Drupal is not far behind. Some of the world’s most well-known brands are built on Drupal. Drupal tends to be better for SEO and for users due to load times and the features that come right out of the box. Most of the popular web hosting providers are Drupal hosting friendly. If you’re on the fence about using Drupal as your CMS or you’re just starting to build a Drupal site out, here are some beautiful Drupal based sites to draw inspiration from.

1. Casta Diva Interiors

This interior design site does an amazing job in storytelling. It uses beautiful transitions to present the copy and the photos. The linear mouse scrolling progression also adds to the experience. The unique layout keeps the presentation engaging throughout the entire page but suffers from longer than average load times.

2. Girard-Perregaux

This luxury watch brand’s site uses a clean white background and uses a beautiful presentation to highlight their products. There are great close up photos, stunning animated images and typography that really exemplifies what their brand is all about. Content is interwoven into an eCommerce site for a unique brand experience.

3. Play and Produce

This is a beautiful marketing site done for an electronic festival. It starts off with
a great visual piece that you can move around with your mouse cursor. It the uses a parallax design to move the fonts as you scroll. The result is a fun and interactive experience that does an amazing job in engaging the user.

4. Jack Daniels

This celebrated whiskey brand uses a multi-layered single page presentation to engage their visitors with a branded storytelling approach. As you scroll down deeper into the page, you start discovering everything about the history, products and recipes. This should inspire you if your goal is to center your site on your brand.

5. Upstreamint

A combination of amazing real photography, clear visual cues, interactive elements and great typography creates an amazing storytelling experience that’s engaging, emotional and beautiful. Unlike most sites, it doesn’t use a content table and makes the most of the entire screen real estate through the visual presentation.

6. Princeton University

Princeton University has done a great job in selling their school and campus through their admissions page. It features rotating animated images, great photos and an engaging layout. The design itself is fairly simple but the small additions like the images and transitions make it shine.

7. Ecodom

This website starts off with a giant interactive hero image and bold headline text to engage users. As you scroll down, you notice the clean grid arrangement and interesting layout that spans the entire screen. It also has a great color scheme that perfectly suits their brand.

8. Olympus Villas

Olympus villas built a site to rent out their villas in Greece. The site is full sized but you don’t get lost because the content is centered and focused on the high quality photos. This simple site proves that you can build beautiful Drupal sites through your photography and layout arrangement.

9. Mint

Mint is the site to focus on if your goal is to create a sales site for a product or a service. It is built on a very simple layout, uses an easy to read font and demonstrates how their product works through great sales copy and product images.

10. Home Town Trolley

Transition effects seem to be all the rage in design these days. The small graphical adjustments really go a long way in boosting your engaging numbers. Home Town Trolley is built on a long page full of these transitions. They combine transitions and alternating layouts to stay unpredictable and interesting.

11. IFFR

IFFR is an organization site that does a great job presenting content through their layout. It uses an organized grid design with various widgets across a randomized layout. Normally this wouldn’t work but it succeeds because each widget box seems to be designed in a unique way to help it differentiate from other boxes.

12. Edward Green

This fashion company does an amazing job with their brand presentation. They’ve created a beautiful logo and have managed to find a typography that extends their logo to their websites. Like some of the trendy eCommerce sites, they do a great job in integrating content with product listings.

13. Grolsch 400

This art collection websites reminds you how effective videos are in communicating with visitors. It uses a two page scrollable layout that starts off with a full screen video and links to an art collection on the next page. Browsing the art collection is an amazing experience because it organizes the piece across a 9×8 tile layout so that all the pieces make up one big piece of art.

14. Fit Foodie

Fit Foodie is all about using icons to maximize the design. A combination of great photos, unique navigation icons and a straightforward color scheme results in a solid website. It manages to achieve its goal in getting the users to browse recipes and ultimately download the app.

15. Bosco Alto

This is another website for a vacation rental property. It uses full screen sized photography to present the rental. Users are only given the option to scroll by clicking on an icon. This navigation limitation works because it ensures that every user appreciates every single image. At the same time, the hamburger menu on the top right ensures that there isn’t any frustration in navigating to the page users want.

The bottom line is that Drupal is just as powerful as WordPress. While there may be less themes and plugins available than WordPress, there are plenty of resources to help you find the right themes and Drupal hosting providers. All that’s left is to get some inspiration from these sites so that you can start designing and building out your site.