5 Website Development Tips For New Businesses

When you choose to start a new business, one of the first things that you’ll end up doing is registering a domain name and getting started on your website. Unless you’re already a web developer or designer, chances are you’ll quickly realize that even having a simple and basic professional website is quite the undertaking.

So, there are five immediate tips that you can take as a new business owner as you begin tackling the website process, including being sure to incorporate a calendar into the design, making sure feedback and contact processes are as simply as possible for clients, using responsive web design practices, keeping flexible SEO in mind, and finding designs elsewhere to reverse engineer.

Incorporate a Calendar

Having an online business calendar either for employees or clients that’s available through the company website is extremely important. You can have things on there like dates that projects are due, or employee time schedules, or open appointment times. If the calendar is somehow interactive, that’s even better, because it shows attention to detail on the part of the business owner.

Make Feedback and Contact Opportunities Easy

There should always be a readily available option on every website page that allows a person to either email someone with a question, or otherwise somehow give feedback about an aspect of the company, or even the company’s website. If people don’t have that easy access, you’ll be losing out on a ton of potential traffic because people will automatically prefer places that do have that option.

Use Responsive Designs

Since the explosion in mobile phone browsing use by people, it’s been more important than ever to make sure you’re using responsive web designs. These are designs that automatically resize and adapt to multiple sources like desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. If your website is coded in this manner, then people will see a great design no matter how they reach your site, and have easy access no matter where they are!

Keep Flexible SEO In Mind

When doing your primary web development, make sure to keep in mind that the design can be as awesome as possible, but people still need to be able to search for your company and be sent there by web search algorithms. And that means making sure you’re aware of basic modern SEO practices and how to implement them.

Find Inspiring Designs and Reverse Engineer Them

And finally, when it comes to trying to figure out your business’s personal style, check out what other companies are doing successfully. It could be in the format, or the design, or the color scheme, but whatever it is that attracts you to other websites, see if you can incorporate those kind of details into yours.