How to Make Money Online Using Popular Online Trends

Granted, there are many ways to make money online. No, we are not talking about filling in surveys or investing in crypto currencies. Some activities are bogus and while others require a lot of knowledge and technical know how.

We are referring to making money online using the upcoming and emerging trends. Activities that do not take huge capital investment and uses your skills and capabilities. If you wanted to be an online entrepreneur working for yourself, when and where you want then now is a good time as any to get started.

People Love Videos and you can Start a YouTube Channel Based on your Passion

YouTube has a billion active monthly users and if YouTube was a country it will be the 3rd most populated country in the world behind China and India. If you have a passion, any passion then starting a YouTube channel and monetizing is a great idea. You can get advertising revenue to sponsorship deals to name a few monetization strategies. There are thousands of YouTube channels from automotive to zombie movie reviews so the topic of discussion is only limited by your imagination and skills.

Create an Online Course and Teach Others

Creating an online course is another popular online venture that is taking off. This is due to the fact people like to view and consume video content, the convenience of doing a course online and the relative cost savings it affords. Again, decide on the course based on your skills, experience and passion then teach others what you are good at.

Creating an online course might sound daunting compared to starting a casual YouTube channel but there are many knowledge commerce platforms which is just a fancy way of saying online course creation platform like Kajabi that do all the hard work and take the hassle off. When you are using YouTube you are only focussing on creating excellent video content similarly you should use an online course creation platform so you can focus only on creating excellent course material and not focus on marketing, building a website and getting traffic and sales.

Start Blogging and Create Great Content

Businesses need content to answer all the questions a potential customer might have about their product or service. People go to Google more often in a day than going to the local supermarket that is how much the internet and in particular content is gaining significance. If you like creating content, it doesn’t have to be simple plain text content, it can also be images, graphics, charts, videos, infographics, podcasts or even slides then you should start blogging and showcase your creativity for crafting excellent content that serves a business benefit or simply educates consumers and nurtures them in the sales life cycle.

Design and Manage Websites

Well, a website is no longer just a nice to have it is a MUST have if you need to be competitive and continue to capture a larger market. So if you are into creating and designing websites then you are in the middle of an ever increasing demand for your skills. If you have the passion to create websites but don’t have the skill then why not do an online course to get started. The best thing about creating a website is you typically get to host and manage the website which is great additional upsells. You can also offer search engine optimization and social media marketing services to further help businesses and upsell your time and services.

Key Takeaway

If you wanted to start an entrepreneurial journey now is as good a time as any. There are many ways and options for you to get started, we have merely skimmed through some popular choices so go forth and get started.