3 Things To Think About When Creating A Logo

When it comes to creating marketing materials for your business, little is as important as having a recognizable and unique logo. Think about it: how many businesses do you recognize simply based off seeing their logo? And what emotions or feelings do you experience when you see these logos? This is because many people spent a lot of time and money coming up with an amazing logo that would be the perfect representation of their company and their brand, and this is what you have to do as well.

If your company is just starting off, it may be easier for you to create your logo from scratch than to redesign a logo you’re trying to hold onto from a previous time. However, regardless of the age of your business or your industry, whether you promote online medical education or are selling retail merchandise, you can and should be devoted to creating a logo your business can stand behind. To help with this, here are three things to think about when creating a logo.

 Solidify Your Messaging First

Before you can begin with the actual design elements of your logo, you have to nail down exactly what you want your brand messaging to focus on. This is why, as stated earlier, it may be easier to start from scratch with a clear message than to try to manipulate and simplify a convoluted message.

Entrepreneur.com suggests for those creating a new logo to attempt to put down your company’s goals and messaging into one sentence containing an image in order to get a clear idea and picture of the direction of your logo should take. By verbally articulating your logo’s purpose prior to making any design choices, you will have a firm path to stay on in order to ensure your logo stays true to your brand mission.

Getting the Font Right

While some businesses choose to include an image in their logo, others simply want an interesting and unique way to portray their company name. In this case, selecting the right font is pivotal. According to UCreative.com, the font of your logo is the voice of your company, showing consumers your brand personality. Because of this, it’s worth your time and energy to experiment with various font categories, scaling, spacing and case until you find the perfect mixture to accurately convey the message your company is aiming for.

Picking the Perfect Colors

Just like choosing the right font is crucial to the success of your logo, deciding on the right color palette is also of the utmost importance. When picking a color or set of colors for your logo, Martin Christie, a contributor to CreativeBloq.com, recommends for designers and marketers to consider the psychology behind color theory carefully. Depending on the type of company you are, the colors that will work well with your branding, logo and messaging will vary. By picking the perfect color or color scheme for your logo, you can be helped immensely in eliciting certain emotions or appeals from your target market, creating the exact reaction you want from someone viewing your logo.

Creating and designing a logo takes real time and effort in order to come up with something truly unique and relevant to your company. Use the tips mentioned above to assist your team in assembling and executing the perfect logo for your new business.