Why Choosing a Niche Within Your Niche is a Smart Move for New Bloggers

Starting a blog is now so easy it is completely accessible for anyone with a computer. If you can use the internet, you can create a blog, thanks to tools like WordPress that are designed to let people with no design or coding skills make professional looking blogs with plenty of functionality.

If you want to start a blog, you could have it up and running within an hour or two of reading this post if you wanted to! Of course, while the mechanics of creating a blog are now trivial, it still takes work to make your blog successful.

Why Choosing a Niche Within Your Niche is a Smart Move for New Bloggers

Do things right and you can have a great way to express yourself, meet new people, and even make money. And if you are interested in doing a blog that generates income, there are various ways to do it – Gary Dek’s guide to making money with a blog is very good read from that angle. However, the first decision you have to make is the most important one, and that is the matter of what your blog is going to be about.

Broad Topics Struggle to Compete

You probably have some idea of an area you are interested in that you think you can write good content about, whether it’s your work, your hobby, the area you live in, or just something you think people would be interested in that you can cover well.

Your instinct may be to cover a broad range of things within that topic, in an effort to attract a wider range of readers, so you may think it would be good to run a site all about weight loss, and cover all different kinds of diets, products and exercise.

However, for a new blog, this actually makes it very hard to compete with established resources. It is better to choose a focused niche within your broader niche, where things will be far less competitive and readers can come to see you as a resource on the topic, even if you’re an unknown writer.

Niches within Niches

Using the weight loss blog example, rather than covering all things diet related, you could focus on one specific method of weight loss, for instance low carb diets, one specific aspect of weight loss, like reviewing diet supplements, or a specific activity that people might do to lose weight, like jogging.

You can actually go even deeper than that and find something truly focused where your blog may even be unique, like, for example, focusing on low carb dieting for vegans, or jogging while recovering from an injury. Within any broad topic you’ll find niches, but consider the niches within those, and you may be able to become the only site, or one of just a handful, specifically covering them.

Choosing a blog topic can be tough when there are already so many blogs out there that already have a following, but by focusing in on small niches you can really build up your blog as a go to resource on your chosen topic!