Benefits of FileMaker vs Regular Application Development

Having custom tools developed for your business is becoming more and more common nowadays, to the point that it’s actually expected in some industries. It can be hard to survive without some specialized applications to handle the more complicated parts of the work, and while there are some ways to semi-automate those tasks, the true solution is always to have a custom application for them.

Building one is never easy though, especially when you need more complex functionality. That’s where tools like FileMaker come in play, allowing you to develop and maintain a customized solution that serves your business needs without needing in-depth programming knowledge. While it can take a while to get into the basics of how FileMaker works, becoming familiar with it and integrating it into your workflow on a deep level is one of the best things you can do.

Is it as powerful?

At a glance, FileMaker doesn’t seem like it can offer too much – it’s “just” a GUI on top of a relational database. However, you should keep in mind that some businesses achieve surprisingly much using only tools like Excel, so you shouldn’t disregard the potential for FileMaker to serve you properly.

The truth is that when you put it in the right hands, FileMaker can help you achieve some amazing things, all without requiring too much effort to get things off the ground. It’s also not very expensive to run a FileMaker application for extended periods of time, so if you’re trying to run your company in a cost-effective way, this is the solution to consider.

Of course, there are some limitations, and in the end certain types of applications are still going to require a more customized approach. But for the majority of things that you might want to do as a business owner/leader, FileMaker should prove to be more than adequate. As long as you take the time to seek out a good partner for your hosting, you should find the overall experience to be very smooth and enjoyable.

What about cost?

As we said above, FileMaker is not any more expensive than a regular application solution, and in fact, it can actually be the more efficient way to spend your money in some cases. Depending on the way your company is structured, working with a good FileMaker developer and a reliable hosting provider can end up significantly cheaper than spending the money on a custom application.

Of course, this is not a universal rule, and every company will want to consider their own case on an individual basis. There are people who can help you with that kind of analysis of your business though, so all it takes is to seek their assistance if you’re feeling confused.

Availability and ease of use

Many companies out there can assist you with FileMaker hosting. HostPresto is a perfect example of this. It’s a popular service with a very competitive market that will always give you access to good deals if you’re willing to seek them out. FileMaker itself is very popular and widespread across many industries, so finding information on how to make the most of it is a piece of cake if you’re good with researching things on the Internet.

And on that note, there are lots of guides on how to get started with FileMaker, and you don’t have to invest a lot of time into getting your application off the ground. Once you’ve learned the basics, you should find that the rest comes together pretty much on its own, as many things about FileMaker make a lot more sense once you have the foundations secured.


FileMaker is a great tool with a lot of potential when it comes to the needs of businesses that work with a lot of data. While it does have its limitations, it can help you get many things done remarkably simply and more cheaply than building a regular application. Researching the potential uses of FileMaker in your organization is one of the best things you can do to ensure that your business will run smoothly for a long time and will be prepared for the near future, where data is quickly shaping up to be the most valuable resource.