Editor X Website Designer – 100% Design Freedom For Your Digital Footprint

With the ever-evolving nature of technology, more and more people come to the realization that shifting online will become the new normal in the near future, so we already sense a constant urge to build a strong digital footprint and get ourselves and our businesses recognized in the virtual space.

Luckily enough, you can now build websites pretty easily thanks to drag and drop website builders, even without previous programming skills. Actually, you don’t need to know how to code at all, although some experience in the matter is helpful indeed.

If you are familiar with Wix, you probably heard that in 2020 they launched a new platform, the Editor X website designer, that helps you build responsive websites without typing a single line of CSS yourself. Even in its Beta form, it still works miracles when it comes to creating and manifesting your vision.

We reviewed it for you, so check it out in the following paragraphs.

What is Editor X?

Editor X is a website designer specially tailored for enhancing the world of responsive web design, while offering full permission to customize and design freedom. Its main advantage is that it boasts the same intuitive drag and drop builder that Wix is famous for, while enabling you to create sophisticated web designs, with no coding skills at all. All your designs are adjustable to any type of screen, and it’s all fully responsive!

Designers and creators all over the world are nothing but delighted with the adjustability function of the new website designer, since they don’t have to put in all the extra work to design for multiple devices.

Who is Editor X suitable for?

  • Designers

Editor X was at first designed for creators who wished for more freedom to express their vision. It is tailored to deliver a high-quality design experience and build confidence for those who crave a wide degree of flexibility for their creation.

  • Businesses

Business owners can benefit from using Editor X for its business-related offerings, such as specific templates and marketing tools. Moreover, there are many other features for business analysis, specially created to make improvement in the area of interest.

  • Bloggers

Bloggers all over the world already use Wix, but with the release of Editor X, they can now create their websites from scratch. With the simplicity of adding lots of videos, images or other multimedia files, the websites become more interactive, colorful and the user experience is definitely improving.

  • YOU

Foster your imagination and create everything you want! Editor X offers you the chance to turn your most intimate ideas in reality, whether you have a business of your own, or just want to share with the world your point of view. Either way, it’s an experience worth trying.

Absolute design precision

Known for its design freedom, the Editor X website designer offers a wide range of tools and features, such as:

  • Design flexibility: improve your creativity with all the editing freedom you can possibly imagine.
  • Adjustable layout system that will make your website fit perfectly for every type of device.
  • Flexbox technology: adjust your website’s suitability for desktop, phone, tablet or other devices.
  • Responsive design features: CSS grid, stack, focal point, docking tool, sizing controller, all of this to improve your website’s ranking.
  • Pin to screen: pin elements to the screen to remain visible at all times, even when scrolling. This way, you will draw the attention to a particular element.
  • Custom breakpoints: customize breakpoints or use the predefined ones in order to create the content of your dreams.
  • Multimedia content: use Photo Studio to edit your pictures, add videos and vectors, create animations or use your own fonts and graphics.
  • Fix or fluid adjustment: when the screen resizes to fit other devices, you can decide the behavior of each element.

To code or not to code?

The best thing about Editor X is that you don’t need any programming skills in order to create a website. That’s why it is suitable for anyone, regardless of their coding experience. However, if you are willing to learn basic programming skills for website creation, there are lots of tutorials for you on the platform.

On the other hand, if you are already a skilled programmer, there’s also a lot of freedom for you to write your own custom code with a built-in IDE. All in all, whether you are a coding expert or not, you can make full use of all the platform’s features to create websites based on your own personal preference.

Build 100% responsive sites

Wix is widely known as one of the best website builders with integrated SEO tools. Editor X helps your website rank highly with instant google indexing, and it also offers a personal SEO plan tailored for every website.

You can optimize meta tags and use advanced patterns to create better SEO tags. You can also decide which elements will be displayed every time a website page is being shared on a particular platform like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Here are the most relevant tools that build a responsive site:

• Instant Google Indexing

Your websites will be listed on Google in less than 30 seconds and will rank higher depending on the SEO features.

• SEO Patterns and Custom Meta Tags

Create SEO-friendly URLs and custom meta tags with the integrated patterns. Control everything on your website in order to be sure it’s optimized for your desired search engines.

• Marketing integrations

Use HotJar or Google Analytics to improve your website, along with other useful marketing features.

• 301 Redirects

Redirect one URL to another in order to ensure that visitors land on the targeted pages.

• Email marketing

Engage with your clients using professional marketing systems for your website.

• Analytics

Track website visits and shop orders to review your website usage and decide which improvements you should benefit from. Use statistics and analytics for objective feedback.

Integrated business solutions

Users can design responsive web experiences for their audience, enrich their websites with integrated business solutions such as e-commerce, booking features or video streaming, all of this from one platform only. Thus, no more third-party services needed. Instead, the platform’s infrastructure is secured and rigorously backed up.

You can create an online shop, offer memberships and payment solutions for each and every type of pocket using a secure payment provider or schedule events and sell subscriptions to your customers.

Allow your website’s users to edit their personal accounts and offer custom service packages tailored to everyone’s needs. Reach more people by improving your website’s SEO or, if you are a business owner, create agile workflows, set up tasks in collaboration with your team and improve the productivity of your company in a smart and simple manner.

Our verdict?

Of all the website creation platforms that we tried, we decided that Editor X is the most suitable to use for developing a strong digital footprint. Although it was awaited by designers, it is also tailored for regular people with no prior programming skills or companies that want to improve their visibility and marketing options. All in all, although in its beta form, Editor X deserves a big YES and we are eager to try future updates and improvements.