4 Reasons You Should Set Up and Monitor Your SEO on WordPress

The digital landscape is a competitive field. Search engines like Google play an outsized role in the growth of your business by affecting your visibility on the Internet. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO,  is essential to your success as an Internet-based business.

If your website is already on WordPress, you can take advantage of its sophisticated, easy-to-use SEO plugin solutions that optimize your digital content. You don’t need a dedicated team of SEO experts to carry out optimization services on your behalf – SEO plugins add specific functionality to your website. WordPress allows you to optimize web content on a customized basis, one post at a time.

Following the recommendations below will help improve your position in organic search results and increase your online visibility against the competition.

SEO Analysis

Google’s web crawler indexes web pages, but simple technical issues on your website can prevent it from being successful. If this happens, your site will show up lower in search results or may not show up in the top ten at all. WordPress will help you get the technical basics right the first time with powerful SEO analysis and easy to understand reporting.

The easy to use plugin helps even the best SEO companies optimize SEO strategy and provides the best tools to measure usability and conversion. You’ll have quick insight into your keywords and the ability to change them on the fly.


Although Google changes the algorithm regularly, it still fundamentally scans for words. Your SEO strategy is based on convincing people to read your content. Your copy must be attractive to search engines and appealing to readers.

Before you upload a new post, the plugin scans for readability. The analysis suggests ways to improve the structure and style of your text by measuring sentence and paragraph length, use of subheadings, and monitors for transition words. It also detects the usage of passive voice and lets you know if the text is easy to read.

Text Link Counter

By counting the number of text links in a newly written post, you can increase the visibility of the article to Google and your readers.  Adding links to these orphan articles improves the structure of your site and increases the time people spend on your page. More time spent will eventually result in higher SEO rankings.

Weekly Index Checks

Effective SEO requires dedication and commitment; it needs constant improvement and optimization. The demand for real-time SEO data is difficult for many marketing companies to provide for their clients. WordPress checks your site weekly to ensure it’s able to be indexed by search engines, and notifies you if updates are required.

SEO Helps Your Business

The SEO plugin on WordPress includes real-time reporting on SEO factors with recommendations for changes. These tools allow you to create sophisticated, unique marketing plans to draw customers and traffic to your site and compete with more established companies with an improved search position.

Although Google has a lock on the growth of your business, you can take control of your Internet-based business with tools to set up and monitor your SEO strategy, from keywords to copy to site maintenance. If you’re still in doubt, these 50 top SEO companies from BestSEOCompanies.com use WordPress to set up and monitor their online activities. They know how valuable using WP is.