5 WordPress Plugins Your Blog Desperately Needs

In the previous post, we’ve talked about the 10 essential plugins for your WordPress website. Those plugins will help you create a functional blog and add basic, additional features you need on top of the WordPress installation. In this article, however, we are going to take a look at 5 WordPress plugins that will help take your blog to new heights. Let’s get started, shall we?

WordPress Plugins Your Blog Desperately Needs

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Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics is a very good source of information for site owners. You can get valuable insights on your visitors as well as your site in general from the analytics tool. Implementing Google Analytics correctly and knowing how to read the information are both essential to your blog’s success.

Whether you’re blogging to earn advertising revenue or you simply want to reach more people and build a strong online presence, Google Analytics for WordPress is the plugin you need. The plugin allows you to set up Google Analytics on your site without hassle. On top of that, Google Analytics for WordPress also gives you access to key insights directly from the WordPress administrative page.


Information security is critically important these days. According to Jamie Spencer, a seasoned WordPress expert, there are more malware attacks happening than ever before, which is why protecting your WordPress blog is very important. Sucuri is the plugin your blog desperately needs when it comes to security.

Sucuri is more than just a security plugin. It is a firewall and a site monitoring tool integrated into one easy-to-use package. The plugin will help protect your blog from DDoS attacks, unauthorized access and other common security problems a WordPress site may face along the way.


Another important aspect to pay close attention to is user experience. Your WordPress blog needs to load quickly and offer great user experience for it to be successful. UX also influence your site’s SEO performance and the way users interact with the site altogether.

In the previous post, we’ve talked about using a caching plugin to speed things up. The next step is to add a CDN (Content Distribution Network) to take it to the next level. CDN, as the name suggests, uses multiple nodes across the globe to deliver your site at a much faster rate. Users from the UK, for instance, will be able to access your site from the nearest server in London.

When it comes to adding CDN to your site, MaxCDN is the simplest solution. The plugin is backed by a very reliable content distribution network and a series of cloud servers, which means you will be able to offer a much better user experience once the CDN is set up.


This last add-on is not a WordPress plugin on its own, but it is a web service that can be integrated with WordPress easily. Buffer is a social sharing app that allows you to automate tweets and Facebook posts. By linking Buffer to your WordPress blog and social media profiles, you can automate sharing, schedule your social media posts and keep your users engaged.

These are the five plugins your WordPress site desperately needs to move forward and reach a new level of success. Apply these tools effectively and you’ll see a jump in traffic and user engagement for sure.