6 Must-Use Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Having a blog is the first step to online success. However, you need to push your WordPress site further with social media. Since WordPress has so many great plugins to use, we’ve made it easier for you to pick the best social media plugins. These will take your social media integration to the next level and help grow your website and blog.

1. Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share is a great social media plugin because it’s easy to use and there are tons of customization options. You have wide range of social media platforms integrated with the site and you can add different types of sharing buttons for your content. It can also count the social media shares. However, you need to use a third party service for this data.

2. WordPress to Buffer

Buffer is one of the world’s most used social media tools and you can find a plugin specifically for WordPress. The plugin makes it easy to schedule post on different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can then automate these posts to appear not only on WordPress but also on your social media accounts. This is a huge timesaving tool and it’s especially useful for businesses.

3. EA Share Count

The plugin is super fast and it’s easy to use. However, you can only use it on the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and LinkedIn. This might be a slight problem if you use many other platforms. Nonetheless, the plugin will count all the shares you receive in particular social media platforms, making it easy to see who, where and what content gets shared.

4. Revive Old Post

In order to make social media work, you need to stay active on it. However, you won’t be adding new content every day (in most situations) and therefore, you should utilize some of your timeless and most popular posts from the past. Revive Old Post makes this easy – you can schedule the plugin to share old content on your social media accounts guaranteeing you stay active and engage your followers more often.

5. Better Click to Tweet

When you create engaging content, you want your website visitors to share the content as much as possible. But sometimes, instead of sharing the whole post, it can be intriguing to get people excited about a single sentence, such as a quote, statistics or interesting fact. For this, the Better Click to Tweet plugin is the perfect pick. The plugin allows you to add a link in your content and to automatically help the visitor share this snippet on Twitter. The beautiful tweet quote box even adds a bit of flavor to your WordPress site and it can encourage the visitor to engage with the page much better than a single share button might at the end of the post.

6. Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is a great app for those who are active on the image-sharing platform. If you want to make better use of your images, you can do so by using this plugin and sharing your content on WordPress. Instagram Feed will allow you to display your photos in a beautiful manner, either as posts, pages or simple sidebar widgets. It’s even possible to utilize multiple Instagram accounts without having to create multiple feeds – a great option for team or business sites that want to utilize all the photos by the team or separate branches of business.

What to keep in mind when selecting a social media plugin

When you are searching for the social media plugins, the thing to focus on is performance. Each plugin you add to your WordPress site has the potential to start clogging the system down. Therefore, you want to ensure it all runs smoothly because you don’t want the social media plugins to affect your load times. So wisely choose the best web hosting providers which will take care of your bandwith problem and response time. Get amazing offers on hosting plans, domains and more available on Frugaa.com which help you save a little extra money.

The other thing to keep in mind is the feature side of the plugin. Do you just want share buttons, social media share counts or incorporated feeds? In addition, remember to check which social media platforms the plugin supports. If you are an avid user of Google+, you need to find a plugin that supports the platform and so on. On the other hand, if you don’t even use Google+ or Twitter, you will just be adding clutter on your site by incorporating these for your social media account.

Social media plugins are a vital addition to your WordPress site. With the above 6 must-have plugins you can get started in an instant and have a comprehensive social media support for your site.