4 Expert Tips to Make Your WP Site Special

Gone are the days when it was enough to have a website. Nowadays everyone and his dog has a WordPress site.

You need to make yours special. It has to be the reason people turn on their phones in the morning. Your site has to be people’s home page, their screensaver and the place they go to when they have a problem to solve.

1. Perfectly Aimed

Your online offering can only be special for your target profile, so it is essential to have an intimate knowledge of your buyers. Create a poster with a drawing of your target persona. Include details such as her car, hairstyle, children, profession, birthdate, skin color, weight, hobbies, and vacations: Basically, every detail of that person’s life.

When you detail your target persona like this, you might think this is very limiting and that you are excluding anyone who fails to match all the descriptors. Not so.

Your clients will have the usual range of cars, hairstyles, skin colors and hobbies. However, having a target profile in mind when you are writing, helps to make your content 200% relevant and useful.

2. Superlative Content

Yeah, yeah, you know all about unique and useful, but that’s no longer good enough. Every blog post, video or audio has to make your target profile think, “Wow.”

Every piece of content, not just your pillar posts, needs to be distinctive and disruptive. Your WordPress site lets you set out exactly how you are different and gives you the opportunity to change the world. Don’t waste it.

Every piece on your site should:

  • Solve a problem for your target audience
  • Inspire your readers
  • Set out your distinctive point of view

Finding Problems to Solve

Ask your readers what they are struggling with. Make this part of your autoresponder sequence, but that will only reach those who subscribe. Include a form where your users will see it. If you use WPforms, you could add a custom form to each post, which could get responses from readers who wanted to know more on that subject.

Screenshot source

The drag and drop functionality of WPforms means you can design a form quickly and get feedback from readers easily.

Inspiring Your Readers

You want your readers to remember your message, so you need to inspire them, to appeal to their emotions.

Forget logic. Experts agree that every buying decision is based on feelings. If you fail to get an emotional response from your audience, then you might as well have saved your time writing or recording.

Screenshot source

Eliciting an emotional response is an essential prerequisite to having readers share your posts, and this ConversionXL article expands on how important emotion is to marketing.

Laying out Your Difference

When you fail to present consumers with valid reasons to purchase from you, they will go to Amazon and buy at the lowest price.

Blogging is all about being different. A business blog lets you set out your USP and differentiate yourself from competitors that concentrate on low prices. Your difference can engender loyalty and justify higher prices than your competitors charge. This should be part of your blog ROI calculation.

3. Beautiful Design

Appearances matter. They aren’t everything, but your website visual design is part of your users’ perception of you. The way users receive your message will be colored by the emotions they feel as a result of your color scheme and page layout.

Screenshot source

The ways you use color, photos and shapes all affect the emotional response your readers will feel. The color wheel above gives you a good place to start choosing site’s colors.

Then use Adobe’s color wheel below to help refine your color choice.

Screenshot source

Check out this page to see a few well-designed sites that are perfect exemplars of how you should use color to elicit emotions.

4. Loads in a Flash

Being there isn’t good enough. You need to be there instantly.

You need to do everything possible to ensure your website doesn’t test your browsers’ patience. They may love you and think you are the best thing since the Sun started shining, but they still only have 1,440 minutes in a day.

Web hosting

Ensure your web host’s servers use solid state disks. These load your site in a fraction of the time traditional spinning hard drives require.

Look for customer satisfaction ratings in independent review, because these are the only real measure of how good a job a web hosting service does.

Cheap hosting is slow hosting, and you need to invest more in a VPN server to get faster loading times than a shared server can provide.


A content delivery network (CDN) stores parts of your WP blog on its servers which are located around the world. This means your site loads faster on their devices because your web hosting server is under less pressure. The CDN servers are also closer to the end-user, so download times are less affected by congested Internet connections.

The Short Version

Your WP site can never be special for everyone, but it can be perfect for a few users if you post inspirational content that disrupts their thinking. Those few will love you.

If you pay careful attention to any color preferences your target profile has and making your site lightning fast by using a CDN; it will add a rainbow to your community’s day.