How to Pick the Right Genre for Your WordPress Blog

If you’ve decided to start blogging, then you are not alone. The Internet is filled with blogs on every topic that comes to mind. That doesn’t mean you should just throw in the towel. If you pick the right topic, you can certainly become quite successful. Here are a few tips for picking the right genre for your WordPress blog.

Give Useful Tips

People want to learn something new, that will help them reach their goals. These can range from anything such as home renovation tips to fashion tips. One popular niche is finance, such as this Timothy Sykes review that teaches investors how to make money through penny stocks.

Most people want to make more money, so, tried-and-true investment tips are always welcome. Plus, there is a large market for people who want to learn more about stocks.

So, when picking your genre, think of what people want.

Make It Different

Say you are a healthy home cook, and you want to share your recipes with the world. We can all use new recipes. Yet, you want to do something a bit different from everything else out there. So, think of new ways to make traditional dishes healthier without sacrificing flavor.

For example, a healthy recipe site might make spaghetti healthier by using whole grain noodles and homemade tomato sauce. That is pretty straightforward. Yet, you might spice up the recipe with fresh basil, some chopped vegetables and a dash of lemon zest.

Anyone can boil whole grain noodles. People are looking for exciting flavors.

Ask Friends and Family

You might create a focus group of friends and family to find out their interests. What do they wish they could find online? What are their likes and dislikes? What are some of their favorite blogs and why?

You can certainly learn from the success of other blogs before building your own. What have they done to attract a steady following? How did they build their audience base?

Make Sure You Can Come Up with A Consistent Stream of Topics

You want to write in a genre where there is the potential for a large and wide range of topics. If you can’t think of anything to write, then you will leave your blog in the dark.

It also helps to be interested in the genre so that you can find new and interesting ways to share useful tidbits. With so much information online, people are deluged with data. They want something compelling and fresh.

It must make them want to read your blog on a daily basis.

Look for Market Trends

You can also capitalize on market trends. To illustrate, you might create a blog on streaming TV reviews or recaps. An increasing number of people are switching from cable to streaming TV.

So, there is a market and a demand for information on the various options for streaming TV. If this is something you’re interested in, then, you may be on to something.

Final Thought

Starting a blog is easy. Coming up with a profitable genre can be difficult. Start with the above tips to begin moving in the right direction for your WordPress site.