Why is WordPress Really Preferred By Business Users?

WordPress is currently by far the most used CMS system for blogs and is highly preferred for regular websites. Even in the business industry we see small to medium sized companies preferring the use of WordPress. Only the larger corporations stay away since they need something that is much more customized.

The use of bespoke software is normally a very good idea for developers in the event that the budgets allow it and WordPress is something you want to take into account whenever you want to save money and still get much of what is needed. A combination of the two is also a good idea for many businesses.

In order to properly understand what is happening at the moment, let us focus on the real reasons why WordPress is preferred by businesses. Specialists will offer many reasons but the truth is that everything relies on the following.

Saving Money

We already touched on this so we will not expand much since this is the one obvious reason that everyone acknowledges. WordPress is free and even the paid themes and plugins are much cheaper than what you would have to pay in the event that you were going to use bespoke solutions or paid CMS solutions. That advantage is particularly important for the smaller companies that have a limited investment budget.

Being User-Friendly

Learning curve is really important when implementing any new system in a business. Since we are normally focused on saving money, we do not want to have to outsource site management. Using WordPress means that you can easily use the staff that the company has in order to manage, update and even make website modifications.

When looking at user-friendly use, it needs to be added that even implementing highly complex marketing strategies, WordPress offers solutions that can be taken into account and that are so much cheaper than what alternatives would cost.

Complete Customizability

When a business has a website, many modifications will be made as time passes. It is really important that changes can be implemented as soon as possible and that the results are as great as they should be. This is something that becomes reality with the use of the CMS system.

You can customize any part of the website from an interface that requires limited knowledge. At the same time, since we are talking about open-source software, there are dozens of great options available when looking at plugins that can be added to the WordPress installation. Why not take advantage of such an opportunity?


Business users have to seriously consider the use of WordPress. Other opportunities do exist but it is hard to deal with the huge advantages that were mentioned above. We have so many interesting opportunities that are available for those that decide to use the platform. Most likely, the one advantage that is the most important is the fact that the learning curve is so short. It is incredibly easy to learn how to make changes and in-house staff can manage the website without the need to work with another company.