5 WordPress Plugins That Will Help You Generate More Leads

In business, if you’re not improving and developing, you’re stagnating. And if you’re stagnating, that means that you’re slowly falling behind, because your competition is constantly introducing improvements. So while you’re waiting for the next Dreamforce to give you the ideas that will bring your business to the next level, you should think about the things you could be doing to achieve that goal right now.

The one thing you can always improve on is your website. If you use WordPress, you’re already familiar with the importance of plugins. So if your website seems to be lacking in certain areas, like in lead generation, for example, you might want to look into some plugins that could help with that.

Grow Your Email List with OptinMonster

Email marketing is still incredibly relevant, as confirmed by the fact that 66% of marketers view it as the most effective marketing channel during the times of the year when people make the most purchases – the holidays.

In order to use your WordPress website to generate an email list, you will have to get the website visitors to give you their email address. And because that’s easier said than done, you could use all the help you can get. That’s where OptinMonster comes in.

OptinMoster is a list-building platform that comes with an app that integrates with WordPress. It allows you to develop, customize, and deploy opt-in forms on your website. While pop-up forms and sidebars are very useful, what separates OptinMonster is their exit intent technology which monitors visitor behavior and serves them opt-in forms just before they leave your website. That last shot at converting visitors comes with a price tag, though, because OptinMonster isn’t free to use.

Manage Your Customer Relationships with UkuuPeople

By using customer relationship management software, you can increase sales by 29%, and sales productivity by 34%. That’s a good enough reason to start using CRM software, but many people still choose not to. The reason is that the best CRM tools are usually the most complex ones.

But until you decide to tackle some of the CRM solutions with a steeper learning curve, you can try UkuuPeople. It’s a free WordPress plugin that lets you create and manage a master list of contacts, segment your contacts into groups called “tribes,”  and capture contact activity.

Create Landing Pages with OptimizePress

The first rule of landing page creation is that you should rely on high-quality landing page creation tools. Landing pages, as well as any other page that’s built for marketing and sales, are always geared towards the most important thing – generating leads – and if you’re not sure how to create one that will convert, creation tools will help you.

OptimizePress is a tool that lets you build many different kinds of WordPress pages, from landing pages to membership portals. It has a live editing system that allows you to build a website in real time, the pages it creates are automatically mobile-responsive, and it works with other themes so that you can keep the looks of your website while creating a landing page that stands out.

Put Some Pressure on Your the Website Visitors with Thrive Ultimatum

Do you know what scarcity marketing is? When people think they have all the time in the world to buy something, they can go away thinking they will come back to it. And a lot of the time, they don’t. But if that same item comes in a time-limited offer, they are more likely to buy it. That’s scarcity marketing, and it works.

You can use the scarcity marketing tactics to grow your leads, and the Thrive Ultimatum plugin helps you do just that. It lets you create three pre-set campaign types, as well as a custom one. You decide what triggers the campaign, and what’s the time limit on your offer. When someone visits your website and triggers a campaign, they are notified of your limited time offer. And each time they come back, they’ll see they have less time to take advantage of it.

Provide Immediate Support with LiveChat

It’s always helpful to be open for communication with your website visitors. Sure, it means that you will need someone to actually take the time and communicate, but if it brings results and increases lead or customer generation, it might be worth the effort.

Enabling live chat on your website is the most straightforward way to give your website visitors a chance to ask you some question, or ask for help. You can use the LiveChat app to do it – it integrates with WordPress, it allows you to send out proactive chat invitations, it offers advanced analytics insight, and it even comes with a built-in ticketing system.