WordPress vs Website Constructor – What to Choose?

When you are up to start an online business or a blog some tough interview questions which may arise in different fields. And one of those questions concerns the platform to use for website development. It is a vital question as the decision made is going to have a huge impact on your project development in future.

However, no matter what kind of platform you are going to choose for the website development, keep in mind that privacy and security settings will play a large role – as the data you keep on the site is vital for your business (especially, if it is personal data entered by your clients). So, make sure you use proper VPN service. If not, you can choose one on the best VPN rating website now – actually any of the listed there is fit to provide security.

Websites on WordPress

WordPress is a very sophisticated though user-friendly platform which equally fits newbies and proficient webmasters. It is good both for development of blogs, websites or online stores. The strength of the WordPress is based on the number of WP plugin developers that offer numerous products designed to provide high customization rate of your website. There is really wide choice of tools and solutions for different purposes.

There are plugins for:

  • blogs
  • ecommerce sites
  • online stores
  • membership sites
  • galleries
  • shopping carts
  • video hostings

It is rather easy to construct a site on WP and you do not need to know any programming language. You only need to watch the plugin producer tutorial (or do not if the interface of the plugin is really user-friendly).

There are many successful websites on WP and many services that offer WP-based sites maintenance.

One more good thing about this platform is the fact you get as much customization as possible as you can add necessary functions on your own no matter how much plugins there are installed.

Website Construction Services

Services like Wix, Shopify and others are based on the drag-and-drop website construction model. That means that once you are signed up you can use a visual editor with D’n’D function to move the elements of website, change colors, backgrounds etc.

Using such a service you do not need to know coding at all and all your capabilities in website development are limited by the engine of the service website editor (which, to be fair, could be rather wide).

IT is much more easier that for WP and usually even cheaper. As when using WP plugins you are playing 15-40$ for each plugin used and there could be several plugins for a single website while when using a service like Wix you can pay up to $5 per month for hosting and though there are additional modules you need to pay usually those are not necessary for a site to operate.