Online Website Builder

Should I Buy a Hosting Account or Use an Online Website Builder?

When it comes down to it, you’ve ultimately got two real options for creating a site without spending a lot of money or learning how to code. You could either go directly to any of the top website building platforms, or you could choose to pay for a web hosting account and take advantage of your provider’s free, built-in site creation tools. Which one’s better? Read More →

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15 Best Free Visual Editor WordPress Plugins

WordPress is an amazing CMS with every possibility to create almost anything. There are many plugins to extends the functionality of WordPress. As opposed to the default WordPress visual editor which does allow you to add images, media and HTML, however it doesn’t give you much organization features and no visual control over dynamic objects. Here, I have compiled a list of some of the Read More →


10 Awesome Free Bootstrap Widgets for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform of the present time, which is used by more than 60 million people worldwide for building their websites. Bootstrap is a popular and powerful open source frontend framework that comes with a lot of useful tools and features to help you create websites and web applications. If you want your website or blog to incorporate the speed and Read More →

PR Done Right

Infographic: PR Done Right

Public relations (PR) is a type of marketing that involves managing the public’s opinion of a business or product. PR professionals often work with the media, put business events together and organize charity work. Successful PR campaigns can give an organization a positive image and boost awareness in the public sphere. Negative PR campaigns can harm an organization by giving it a negative image and Read More →


13 New Free Business WordPress Themes for 2015

WordPress is a free service that allows anyone to create blogs using pre-built themes and tools. So you can create powerful websites / blogs using WordPress. Business owners are flocking to WordPress for good reason and these reasons all boil down to just one thing: WordPress offers the best way for a business to engage and communicate with their online customers. Today I introduce to Read More →