Custom Facebook Feed

A List of Great Free Facebook Event Widgets for WordPress

WordPress is an amazing CMS and we can accomplish almost anything with great WordPress plugins and widgets. Social Media and online social sharing is the lifeblood for many businesses and marketers. I turned to WordPress and try some event management widgets for the project. Here, in this article, I would like to show you a gallery of useful free WordPress Facebook event widget plugins that Read More →

Template Design Trends in 2015

Top Template Design Trends in 2015

As we leave the summer of 2015 behind, it’s easier to look back on the bulk of the year to determine what some of the top template website design trends have been. Many of these have been seen across the board, not just in WordPress, but in Drupal, Weebly, and many of the website builders gaining in popularity as more individuals who can’t necessarily code Read More →

WP Knowledgebase

13 Modern Free Knowledge Base Plugins for WordPress

An online support help desk or a wiki section is an excellent way to help and reach your customers who own very limited knowledge of your products or services. There was a time when putting together knowledge base and Wiki-type sites used to be very difficult. Nowadays, you can use various content management systems to start managing your database of information. Sp, here in this Read More →

Cheap Hosting Provider

Four Reasons to Move Your Website to a New Cheap Hosting Provider

So, the honeymoon period is coming to an end. Some time in the past, you took advantage of one of those discount first-term rates from a cheap web hosting service, and now you’re approaching the end of that period. The closer your renewal dates, the more frequently you’ve probably found yourself uttering those immortal words made famous by Joe Strummer and his buddies from The Read More →

Buying a Dedicated Server for Resale

Why Create a Business Plan Before Buying a Dedicated Server for Resale?

You only have to look at the continued growth of major web hosting companies to see what a lucrative industry it can be. With the likes of GoDaddy making their presence felt at the Superbowl and many of their competitors drawing in the kind of eye-watering turnovers usually reserved for epic multi-nationals, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there’s money to be Read More →