3 SEO Practices You Need to Stop Doing Right Now

When you are working on your Toronto site’s SEO, you need to be cautious. The methods that used to work well before now can get you penalized. The methods that were previously a waste of your time are actually indispensable now. Occasionally, we have to be reminded exactly what works and what does not. As it stands today, there are some SEO methods that you Read More →

Web Design

4 Ways to Find a Good Website Design Company

Creating an amazing website is an essential step in becoming the best business that you can become. Today’s technology-savvy world is filled with people pushing and pressing away at all of their devices. In fact, a great number of people use the internet for almost all of their daily activities. It is imperative that you have a website to cater to those people. Unfortunately it Read More →


13 Delightful Free Four Columns WordPress Themes

WordPress has always been a favorite platform for blogging. But while choosing a theme for your wordpress blog you often get confused. There are thousands of themes available for wordpress which are both free and paid. Today I’m unleashing top 13 best four columns free WordPress themes 2015. They are one of the most requested design features which we typically add to most of our Read More →

Web Design Mistakes

Web Design Mistakes that will Hurt Your SEO Performance

Web design is often trickier than it looks for a number of reasons. For starters, you need the site to be quick and snappy, especially with the audience’s attention span being as narrow as it is today. Of course, you will also want the site to offer good user experience. On top of that, the site needs to be designed correctly in order for it Read More →


Responsive Design: 3 Easy Ways to Get it Right

Creating a website that looks great and scales seamlessly on mobile devices is increasingly becoming a priority among web designers and developers. After all, having just one version of a website to maintain is simpler than having a separate versions for tablets and mobile phones, and more efficient, as it saves time and money. Responsive design is not exactly a new approach: many WordPress themes Read More →