4 Ways To Improve Conversions For More Leads & Sales

Pushing your site live is the first step when it comes to establishing an online presence but conversions are key if you want more sales or leads. Here are a few ways to help you increase profitability on your site.

Increase Site Speed

Studies have shown that visitors will close their browser if a website doesn’t load within two seconds. Site speed may also affect search engine traffic as site speed is one factor which can affect rankings. Use Google’s Page Insight tools in order to check your site’s speed.

If your site runs on WordPress you can maximize speed by compressing images, getting rid of all unnecessary plug-ins and installing minifying and cache plug-ins. Try to keep the size of your page as minimal as possible and avoid using large images or headers that can slow down the page. Implementing AMP can also significantly boost up your site speed. AMP allows your pages to be served by Google directly.

Display Contact Information Prominently

Trust is vital if you want to increase conversions or collect more leads. Your contact information including business name, address and phone number should be listed on every single page. If you’re using WordPress your theme should have a section for you to enter your business information and have it automatically display on every page.

Add Lead Forms

Adding lead forms that are simple, eye catching and easy to fill out will improve conversions. Try to add a lead form on every single page. Adding a form to your sidebar can be helpful as it will be visible on every page. If your site runs on WordPress you can also install the “Sticky” widget in order to always keep the sidebar visible even as the surfer scrolls down.

Keep the form simple with as few fields as possible. Surfers are more likely to fill out concise and short forms. Allow visitors to complete the form without having to fill out every field. For example; some may want to be contacted via email only and hesitant to provide a phone number. Requiring a phone number to be inputted in order to successfully complete the form may deter potential customers.

Get The Right Traffic

Tal, L, owner of Rise Marketing says “Generating targeted traffic should be the objective of any digital marketing campaign. Targeted traffic not only improves conversions but also increases brand awareness and increases your chances of getting repeat sales”.

Getting more traffic isn’t necessarily better if it’s not targeted and won’t convert. For example, if you have a local brick and mortar business based in New York you’ll want to specifically target visitors from New York who may be interested in your services.

You can increase your chances of obtaining the right kind of traffic by aiming for specific, hyper local keywords. Getting a substantial amount of organic traffic can be challenging, especially if your business is in a lager city. Another option is to consider a PPC campaign which will allow you to bid on specific keywords.