How Much Can You Make Staking VeChain?

If you want to earn some passive income by staking your crypto assets on the network, carefully study the conditions for staking various cryptocurrencies. Comparing them, you will surely come to the same conclusion as most experts who claim that VeChain staking conditions are among the most profitable.

Principles of VeChain Staking

There is a principle in staking, according to which, the more coins a user “locks” in a wallet, the more reward one will earn. Therefore, your earnings depend on how many VET coins you can offer to validate transactions. But if you don’t have enough VET assets to become a master node, don’t despair.

The VeChain network allows you to stake VET right in your wallet and receive a small but fairly frequent reward for this. To figure out the amount of your reward for staking VET, use the Thor calculator. To store your VET in the best conditions, download the Guarda VET wallet.

The Main Staking Roles in VeChain Network

· Master Nodes or Authority Nodes: from 1 to 25 millions VET and even more should be locked to validate transactions. As a reward, master nodes receive 30% of the VTHO fees paid by other users for their transactions. Master Nodes have four tiers depending on how much VET the user is going to allocate for validation.

· Economic Nodes: more than one million VET should be locked to provide stability of the network and transactions within it.

· X-Nodes: rewards for X-nodes depend on several factors, such as the amount of X-Nodes participating in transactions, their tiers, as well as the volume of their VET holdings.

VTHO from staking comes to your address automatically. And it happens every 10 seconds. If you convert VET staking profits into dollars, you will receive approximately $20 per year if you have a staking amount of $1,000. When investing in crypto, use various additional opportunities for passive income. Let your money not lie dead weight but bring income. Staking VeChain is one of the guaranteed ways to earn VTHO that you will be able to use for your transactions.