The 5 Essentials to an Attractive Website

If you’re looking to design a new website, you want it to be as attractive and welcoming as possible to potential customers or visitors. Not only will an attractive website keep visitors around longer, but can also boost your shares, give your company a modern and expert feel, and provide previous customers or readers with a reason to return.

But what constitutes an attractive website? If they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, how can you create a website through reseller hosting that is attractive to the majority of people who come to your page? What elements must be in place if you want any hope of creating a successful and beautiful web page?

Here are five essentials when creating an attractive website:

1. Simple Navigation

While a simple navigation has more to do with ease than it does for looks, keeping the navigation bar clear and easy to maneuver through can make any website attractive. Even if you come up with the most unique, interesting web design out there, it won’t bring you any benefit if people can’t figure out how to get from one page to the next.

Keep your navigation bar in plain sight with simple colors and clear text. While you have room to get creative, don’t create a navigation bar that you need to walk someone through to use. Including a clear navigation bar that can be searched by any individual that comes across your page is essential.

2. Eye-Pleasing Colors

One of the most crucial parts of web design is the colors that you select for your page. On the one hand, you want to select colors that will set your page apart and make it clear that the website fits within your brand. But on the other hand, you need to select colors that aren’t going to be too distracting or even be painful to look at.

When you look at most websites, you’ll find that the background is white, at least for the areas that hold text. Although some may find this a bit boring, white is used almost every time because it is easy to read and will look the same on each computer screen. If you want to get creative with your colors, leave it for links, logos, side bars, and other areas that won’t influence your reader’s ability to view your content.

3. Interesting Images

The images you place on your website are just as important as the template and design you select. While your web design sets the overall tone for how attractive your website will be, filling your pages with generic stock images will completely eliminate any interesting design you had before and you’ll be back to square one.

If you want to have an attractive website, find interesting images that you can use on your pages. Pay for high quality stock images or host a photoshoot of your own to gather unique and exciting images to use throughout your website. If you sell products, you will also want to take pictures of those products to use on your website. For someone without the skills to take your own great photos, this is worth hiring a professional photographer.

4. Unique, But Legible Font

Your website should include a few different fonts throughout, including one for your headers, another for the body copy, and possibly even another for page titles or quotes. Through using different fonts, you’re able to infuse a bit of creativity and make an otherwise boring page of text a little more interesting and easy to read. Rather than just having one page full of the same text, selecting fonts that mesh well together can increase the website’s attractiveness.

But the font that you select is also very important. While you may find a font that you love and is completely unique, you need to consider how easy it is to read. You won’t want to choose a font that may be difficult to read for certain individuals, such as those using a mobile phone or someone with older eyes. While cursive fonts or intricate designs may be okay for your logo or headers, keep the font you select for the body of each page to be something simple and clear.

5. Consistency is Key

The last essential in creating an attractive website comes in how well the pages fit together and how well it represents the company’s overall brand. While you may feel tempted to get creative with each page, if there is no consistency, you will probably confuse your visitors to the point that they will leave.

Each of your pages within your website should look as if they belong together and like they belong to your company. This means they should have your company’s colors, possibly fonts, and that each page follows the same overarching idea and themes. The fonts that you select should run throughout each page and the colors, navigation bar, and other website elements should also be consistent.

Too many web designers or website creators fear that the page they make will be viewed as boring or uninteresting. But while a boring or uninteresting page can have damaging effects on the company, it also isn’t a reason to go overboard in an attempt to create something unique and interesting. Flashy designs, unreadable text, or a page layout that just doesn’t make any sense can be just as troublesome, if not more so, than a boring page.

When looking to create an attractive website, keep these five essentials in mind and refer back to them after you’ve created your new reseller hosting page. When you create a consistent website with a clear navigation bar, interesting but eye-pleasing colors, unique and legible fonts, and interesting images, you will be well on your way to having a website that your visitors, customers, and clients will love to view.