Why You Consider Animated Whiteboard Video For Your Marketing

Visual Appeal

Whiteboard animation offers a visually-appealing platform. It varies significantly from other traditional marketing and advertising platforms. The integration of a platform that is visually appealing ensures maintenance of the interest of your followers in whatever you’re trying to share with them while also attracting new viewers who may have a genuine interest in the brand you offer or the services behind your brand.

Alternative Approach to Communication

You can use whiteboard as an additional approach to presentation and communication of your ideas and thoughts to your online customers and users. An animated whiteboard simplifies the messages that are long and overdrawn out which can be translated to photographs, simple headlines, and graphics, and graphics to make your point known. Given that animated whiteboard are yet to become commonplace, incorporating them into your marketing campaigns and plans is an excellent way for you to stand out in the market.

They are Engaging

Text interviews can be boring at times. Whiteboard animation video can make your content interesting through the use of surprises, shiny objects, and stories that make you feel elated. Irrespective of the of the kind of videos you’re interested in creating pre-roll ads and marketing videos, or longer learning materials in-house, whiteboard animations are designed in a way that captures and keeps the attention of audience from the onset. You can possibly view it as a way of gaining the attention of audience long enough for them to care.

Simplification of Ideas

With whiteboard animations, you are in a better position to create simplistic ideas regardless of how complex the issue at hand is the kind of message you are trying to put across to an audience. Whiteboard animations enable the integration of text and graphics allowing you additional mediums that you can work with during the presentation of your brand as you try to promote.

Helps in Attracting Mobile Users

Surprised, right? The current generation tend to be distracted by their devices and will spend considerable amounts of time glued to their smartphones not paying attention to the events happening around them. However, video happens to be an exception. Research shows that with regard to video engagement, mobile users have consistently beaten computer users. People on computers will rarely make it through a short video without feeling bored and resorting to surfing through the internet. As for the smartphone users, they can, on average, watch about 2-3 minutes of video. Those on tablets will spend even much more time – and this is impressive considering the how easily people can get distracted in this digital era.

Improves your Email Engagement

Email remains one of the most preferred marketing channels for those looking to market online. As such, the slightest increase in your key metrics can be accompanied by a high growth in the sales, or a huge boost in other conversions such as shares, comments or any other measure that you use in tracking your performance. The content in your video, cartoon videos, and motion graphics may prove useful in increasing your click through rates and open rates.

It remains in your Customer’s memory for Longer

One of the most critical marketing objectives is having customers remember your brand as well as your product or service. Research shows that people will rarely buy on their first exposure to an offer. So, the more the impression of the brand sticks in their brain, the more likely they are to seek for more information on it. Well, we all know for fact that no other format is as memorable as the video format. Video outperforms visuals, text, or any other kind of medium considerably. According to surveys conducted on the same about 80% of those who view a video can recall it a month later.

It gives you Access to International Customers

If you’re hoping to grow your business to the international level, you will need a medium through which you can have the greatest appeal to a wider audience using the same content. Reaching an international audience is much easier when you employ video compared to other content such as audio and text. It will be a great choice if you want to break into the international market. If you have an international market and have not been using video, then just know that you’ve been missing a lot of opportunities in other countries.

Appeals to People who are Busy

Getting the attention of busy people is hard. Even though you may be tempted to give up on them, they have a higher likelihood of making a purchase compared to the rest. Due to their busy schedules, they are less likely to take their time to go through a promotional text or audio. They would rather watch video. In a survey conducted by Forbes, it was revealed that 80% of organizational executives watch animated videos on business issues weekly with 59% of them expressing their preference for video over text. If your target audience is business executives, then be sure to dedicate your efforts to animated whiteboard video.

They Make People Feel Good

Some scholars have argued that watching an image of someone making a drawing will make your brain react as if you’re the one doing it. This effect is the work of the mirror neurons. This explains the extra production of dopamine after you complete each image. The feeling that you’re the one doing it is likely to spark the desire to continue watching. Such an effect will drive the need among customers to heed to a call to action.