Web Design Concepts For Internal Business Promotions

The arena of business promotion possibilities these days is absolutely enormous. And that leaves a lot of room for positive creativity, and it leaves a lot of room for sad errors and failure. So, depending on which of those extremes you want to head toward, it’s extremely important that you spend some time working with web design concepts that prop up your internal business promotions.

Some examples of these design concepts include structurally sound registration pages, social media teasers, countdowns, discount reminders when users are trying to leave your site, and signup reminders for email lists in case they want to keep automatically informed about your products and services.

Registration Pages

When you design solid registration pages for events on your website, that shows a lot about the professionalism of your company. If you have a video included on that page, or audio, or even links to related events, all within the same screen space, that’s an even better indicator. Web design success can lead directly to registration success, if you put in enough psychological elements to gain people’s interest. Without the right elements on these types of pages, there can be a noticeable fallout of interaction.

Social Media Teasers

Working with social media teasers is another challenge for modern web designers. Because social media is so prevalent and consistent, you need to make sure that you have a plan to gain people’s interest ahead of time so that they come and check back at regular intervals. Teasers, in the form of video or perhaps even links to information, can give your company that kind of psychological pickup factor that might be the difference between the success or failure of a project as a whole.


Another way to get some internal promotions working for you business is if you can design a countdown inside your website. This can be a countdown for a known event, like a sale for instance, or an unknown event, like a ‘special surprise’. Either way, having that running time meter designed well will get people to come back to your site, even if it’s just to have closure on their end.

Discounts Upon Leaving

If you’ve even been to a site, and then decided to leave because the content wasn’t interesting, only to have a pop up show on your screen that says that a discount is available, then you understand the power of this technique. Adding that sort of re-entry bonus via website design can be good business if used properly.

Signup Reminders

And finally, there’s nothing wrong with having occasional reminders that there’s the ability of a user to sign up for an email list as well. If you make it clear that having updates via email is a direct benefit to a consumer, then your design has succeeded!