13 Top Premium Joomla Theme Stores

When it comes to Joomla themes, it’s often best to go for the premium stores, as free themes sometimes lack features or come with restrictions. These premium Joomla theme stores have the highest quality Joomla templates, built on fast and efficient frameworks. Check out these top 13 premium Joomla theme stores to give your site a professional look from day one.

1. Template Monster

This premium Joomla theme store is among the most widely known amongst Joomla website administrators. The templates found on Template Monster are reasonably priced in the mid-range level, and the company often runs promo-code based sales. One thing that stands out about Template Monster is that they have 24/7 tech support, so you don’t have to worry about what time zone you’re working in.

2. Themeforest

Themeforest is known for their original Joomla templates and their Envato framework. Many of the templates they offer are eCommerce and business related. Most of the premium themes in the Themeforest store run from $38 to $58 and include custom extensions for added functionality.

3. JoomShaper

The pricing structure at JoomShaper is simpler than some other theme stores. They charge $99 for a three-website license, regardless of which templates you’re choosing. More prolific developers may want to opt for the unlimited license package at $299, however. Joomshaper has over 80 templates in stock and over a dozen Joomla extensions to accompany them.

4. ThemeXpert

ThemeXpert is a premium Joomla theme store with a focus on mobile. Anyone with Joomla hosting can purchase a theme here and instantly create a site that works intuitively on smartphones, tablets and touchscreens. All 65 Joomla themes at this web store include a site builder named Quix that lets you point and click to build your site, avoid any coding or editing of HTML, PHP or CSS.

5. YouJoomla

This premium Joomla web store offers new themes every month. They also support your past purchases by offering new releases, patches and upgrades to all existing themes. Their themes are built on the YJSG framework that they’ve designed, and are built to load fast. YouJoomla offers demo packages for all the themes in their inventory, so you can try before you buy.

6. ZooTemplate

If you have Joomla hosting and a few pages of content, then all you need is a professional Joomla template to have your site up and running. Zootemplate provides such templates at just $59. That’s the price for a subscription that allows you download any of their dozens of themes, so you’re not locked into just one. Memberships at this price level last 3 months, and developers have the option of a $349 unlimited-license membership that renews annually.

7. Hogash

If you’re thinking of choosing Hogash as your premium Joomla theme provider then you’re not alone. They have over 30,000 customers and counting. They have drag and drop page builders, custom extensions, and retina and responsive designs. All of their themes have integrated support for WooCommerce, so you can build a store today or add a shopping area to your site later on.

8. RocketTheme

This premium Joomla template store is another of the most known to developers. They specialize in fast themes that often load in under 2 seconds. They use the Gantry theme framework, and most of the templates they offer are responsive. RocketTheme boasts extensive documentation for each theme, so you won’t have to wait on the line with customer service if you have any questions while building your Joomla site.

9. IceTheme

IceTheme is a premium Joomla theme club. Once you join you have access to all of their Joomla themes and extensions, and pricing ranges from $40 to $150 per year, depending on how many licenses you’ll need. The themes found at this premium web store employ artistic and creative design elements to give your site a custom look. Since this store is perhaps lesser known than some others on the list, your theme isn’t as likely to be recognized by users.

10. JoomForest

JoomForest offers premium as well as free themes. They have a membership-based pricing system, allowing you full access to their themes for $99 a year. All of the themes have free demos, so you can view your future site just as a visitor would.

11. JoomlaXTC

This unique premium Joomla theme store is known for their niche-based template designs. This makes it easy to find the right theme for your site or blog. They have over 100 unique Joomla templates, and use a membership pricing system. JoomlaXTC has extensions for email, social sharing, games and site widgets.

12. Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes offers dozens of Joomla themes at individual pricing, usually $49 each. This is helpful for those who only need a single theme and don’t want to pay for a recurring membership. Many of their themes are business-based, but they have some blogging themes as well.

13. JoomLead

You won’t find any outdated Joomla templates at JoomLead. That’s because they constantly update their inventory, to coincide with every new Joomla release and update. The themes found at JoomLead use the popular Gantry5 Framework, so you can be confident they load fast and don’t contain bugs and errors. All of themes in this store are responsive and come with fully operational demos.

Many of these 13 premium Joomla theme stores offer free versions of their top-tier templates that will work great for smaller websites. You can also install the free versions to demo how your content will look before making a purchase. Consider browsing the inventory on a few of these top Joomla theme stores, or searching for templates designed specially for your website’s niche or category.