Benefits from Twilio Integration as a Communication Feature

Definitely, efficient communication is what every company is trying to ensure, since it contributes to business success. That’s a powerful tool to keep in touch with clients and to fulfill their expectations. Today we’ll discuss cases when organizations interact with their customers via diverse web and mobile platforms, thus, it makes sense to speak of Twilio.

Actually, there exist a great many communication platforms, however, Twilio represents one of the market top leaders, being positioned as the greatest communication solution. We shall start with the most important aspect to see the key perks of that system.

Twilio integration benefits

We’d like to enumerate the main benefits you’ll definitely gain while taking advantage of Twilio API:

  • The pay-as-you-go principle. That would mean clients aren’t required to sign long-lasting contracts, since they only need to pay for specific services they actively use. Thus, from a financial perspective, it’s much wiser to apply Twilio systems, rather than spend money on local facilities.
  • Lucrative discounts. Twilio integration provides great solutions which are called volume discounts.
  • Valuable features. For instance, great scalability, high efficiency, sustainability, safety, and more. We’ll devote enough attention to Twilio API functionalities in due time.
  • Easy and neat integration. The API in question is pretty universal, cos it supports a broad diversity of coding languages, for example, Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python, and others. It considerably facilitates processes the programmers have to deal with, so they can start writing codes directly. That’s how they manage to expedite their work, keeping it qualified.
  • Connections of great quality. The software is truly reliable and high-quality. The well-known Service Level Agreement has rated Twilio at 99.9%, which is an extremely high score, don’t you agree? Such an indicator serves as a reliable guarantee that callers won’t get disconnected due to technical issues.
  • Regional allocations. That would be one more benefit of Twilio integration you have a chance to enjoy. Programmers will manage to nicely and easily configure the system to the demands of a particular region. And it’ll still be compatible to efficiently operate throughout the world (it would be applicable, when companies own a few web resources that function in different parts of the globe).
  • Company’s international visibility. As we have mentioned in the above paragraph, Twilio is presented in multiple countries around the world, particularly, in 180.
  • Twilio Build. Here we’re talking about a specific affiliate solution. The service is quite popular, since it offers plenty of parameters, like, marketing support, diverse programs on certifications and training, etc.
  • Investment in technologies. By investing in the Twilio service everyone helps to make it stronger, more robust, and secure.

The benefits listed above are impressive, right? All the Twilio advantages are ensured by the features the system grants, thus, it’s important to review them as well.

Twilio functionality

The application of Twilio allows performing diverse actions relating to communication. We’re talking about setting up automatic mailing lists, arranging video and audio calls, creating voice messages in multiple languages, organizing call-centers & chatbots, receiving verification codes in order to get authorized on various online platforms, and the like.

The presented possibilities are amazing, so let’s give each further considerations. To present all features in a more understandable way we have decided to split them into a few key groups.

# Voice calls

We shall discuss this cluster first. The solution ensures calls to get processed and managed at all times from any point of the world. Being more specific, it’s about:

  • reliable call queues;
  • the possibility to route calls;
  • feasibility to conference up to 250 callers;
  • the possibility to convert speech into texts;
  • calling within apps;
  • masked phone numbers.

After having integrated powerful communication API and gained access to voice parameters, you’ll be capable of:

  • analyzing calls with customers, since you’ll manage to collect valuable data;
  • routing calls to establish robust relationships with clients;
  • handling calls from anywhere you need (the only mandatory condition is the Internet connection);
  • recording calls whenever required.

# Messages

Now we’re dealing with SMS integration. The given parameter is truly topical, because chats of any types are in demand nowadays. That could be explained by the fact that the majority of users enjoy messaging and chatting to get in touch with specific firm representatives.

Speaking of messages, we would distinguish the following key features:

  • sending text messages;
  • exchanging pictures;
  • in-application chatting;
  • using notifications.

Twilio messages can help in emergencies, and we shall discuss now how it works.

There might be cases when an individual needs to attend certain events that might not be 100% safe, or a person could decide to take a walk in the middle of the night. When doing so people still want to ensure a particular safety level, thus, that’s when they can take advantage of the alarm functionality.

It’s pretty simple to apply. A user needs to send an SMS to a certain number. That’s the number that sent a private verification code during the registration process. The idea of such a procedure is to inform when a system has to check on the user to see, if everything is fine with him/her.

At certain times, the system is supposed to send a message, and a person has to send an SMS back within several minutes. In case an individual fails to respond, all emergency contacts should receive alarming messages.

# Video calls

Twilio possibilities will help arrange video calls as well. The API allows both individual communication sessions (user-to-user), and group calling sessions (like, online conferences).

Furthermore, Twilio systems are characterized by high scalability, which means that a business will easily grow together with the company.

We’d like to enumerate such video call options, as:

  • the possibility to share video files with various users;
  • a chance to stream HD videos;
  • an option to customize video delivery;
  • the possibility to optimize video display.

# Users’ security

That would be one more group of Twilio features we’d like to pay attention to. Undoubtedly, it’s vital to guarantee the security of users and their private data. Twilio realizes the significance of the issue, and ensures 2-factor authorization processes together with other measures to protect the audience.

Here are some of those measures:

  • embedded translations in accordance with users’ country codes;
  • robust push authentications;
  • specialized soft tokens for one-time password authorizations;
  • message and voice authorizations.

Hopefully, our article has helped you understand what Twilio offers and how helpful its features are, so now you’re ready to enjoy Twilio integration.