Cordless Nail Gun: A Necessary Tool in the Arsenal of Professional Constructor

A nail gun is a machine for hammering nails and various fasteners. Using the energy of compressed air, gunpowder, or gas, a similar staple gun shoots a staple, pin, or nail (depending on the model) into the workpiece. Recently, these tools have increasingly appeared in the arsenals of professional construction companies and homeowners. First of all, this is due to the widest range of applications. The help of this wonderful device will be in demand for:

  • Large construction sites
  • Roofing work
  • Renovation work
  • Furniture repair
  • Production

Another important aspect is the convenience of this device. Most often, they prefer to take a cordless nail gun as it is the most convenient and multifunctional option.

The choice of a nailing tool should be carefully considered, focusing on the tasks that it will have to perform. On the website of the UK Power tools online store, there are many different variations of the cordless nail gun UK.

Popular cordless brad nail gun models

There is a large number of worthy manufacturers on the market of electrical tools. And cordless nail guns take a significant part among their products. As of 2021, these two are the best cordless nail gun options.

Milwaukee M18FFN-0C 18V

Portable cordless nail gun from the famous Milwaukee brand. The model is fully related to professional equipment and therefore will fulfill any task assigned to it. The features of this model include:

  • High power and efficiency to one battery
  • Ergonomic dimensions and comfortable grip for long periods of work
  • Designed for safe operation
  • Possibility of quick release of stuck nails
  • Charging system adaptable to different models of batteries from this manufacturer

DeWalt DCN660 18V

The cordless nail gun cheap model from one of the fastest-growing companies in its field, DeWalt. This model, like the rest of the products of this brand, has the highest quality and well-thought-out design with the introduction of its own developments. The main advantages are:

  • Long-term operation on a single charge
  • Shockproof casing with rubber inserts
  • Different working modes such as sequential mode (for extra precision placement) or bump operating mode (fast production speed of up to 4 nails per second)
  • Anti-slip pads for safe use
  • Compact design and convenient belt hook makes this tool convenient and portable