3 SEO Practices You Need to Stop Doing Right Now

When you are working on your Toronto site’s SEO, you need to be cautious. The methods that used to work well before now can get you penalized. The methods that were previously a waste of your time are actually indispensable now. Occasionally, we have to be reminded exactly what works and what does not. As it stands today, there are some SEO methods that you need to stop using right away and you should learn best seo coaching program for you to move on.

Quantity of Links Over Quality

The more inbound links your website gets, the better, correct? Not anymore. Buying backlinks is fast, simple, and relatively cheap. You could find numerous SEO companies who will create a load of links for you. In less than a week or two, they are able to pile up several dozen links directing back to the pages you specify. However that could damage your website, particularly if the following is true:

  • The website that links is already penalized
  • The website that links comes with a low DA
  • You receive a large numbers of these links in a short span of time

Creating Thin Content

This poor SEO method simply does not want to go away. It’s understandable, old habits die hard. However it is time for you to move on. We already know that excellent content may drive great links. Here are some questions to think about when taking a look at your content creation:

  • Are you currently outsourcing your content writing? If you are, who is doing all of your writing?
  • Is this individual most qualified to build out high-quality, link worthy content?
  • What audiences are you writing for and why? Are you trying to write for search engines or are you genuinely looking to build an audience with your writing? These should not be mutually exclusive points, by the way.
  • Do you feel as if you are writing the same thing over and over again and you are extremely fed up with it since there are just so many ways you can talk about whatever it is you are selling?

You are probably doing it incorrectly. Sorry, but it is the reality of it. Writing can certainly be tiresome however think about these questions above. If you do not like what you are writing, what are the possibilities that your readers are going to think your writing is great? Will they think it is good enough to link to?

Stuffing Keywords

If you wish to rank well for a specific keyword, placing it on your site 50 times is not really the best way to go about it. Google has a large number of PhDs working to improve the search engine in order that it provides the results people are looking for. Rather than stuffing your content with your keywords, concentrate on creating the type of content people who are thinking about your services and products will want to read. The key phrases will work their way within your content naturally, and you will get far better results.

Other examples of poor SEO tricks that should be stopped include:

  • Duplicate or Plagiarized content
  • Doorways
  • Auto-anchor text
  • Lower Quality Pages
  • Footer Links
  • Spam Comments
  • Bad presentation
  • Bad writing
  • Absolutely no content
  • Merry-go-rounds
  • Links that are Unnatural
  • Text that is Semi-hidden
  • Rich snippet misuse
  • Lack of Trustworthiness

While the precise details of search engines are complex, the fundamentals are not. Do what is best for your website’s visitors and you will build a high quality foundation. Alternatively, you can hire professional local SEO services like seo toronto to do the work for you. This will ensure that you stay on task with your SEO practices and are implementing them wisely.