Top 7 eCommerce Website Builders for Beginners

Planning on launching an online store? If you’ve already done the research, you probably know that having an online store developed and designed from scratch may cost you thousands of dollars. If you want to cut your costs, then why don’t you opt for an eCommerce website builders? Website builders are feature-rich platforms that allow individuals and companies to create fully functional and professional-looking websites that come packed with a rich list of features, functions and extras.

However, there are so many website builders shared at review sites like to choose from but we’ll try to answer this question in this post by presenting you with the top 7 eCommerce website builders. Keep reading and hopefully we’ll help you make the choice that will take your eCommerce idea to the next level!


Weebly offers a great eCommerce platform that supports payments through Stripe, PayPal and You can create a fully cataloged store, or you can add separate, uncategorized products. Weebly offer a free eCommerce package but if you want to get access to all the goods, then we advise you to spend some money on one of the premium packages because they can really improve the quality of your online store. One minor setback is that Weebly’s eCommerce platform includes a monthly fee, a 3% fee on all sales, and a fee that your payment method will collect. However, you can get past the 3% fee on all sales by opting for Weebly’s business package that costs $19/month.

IM Creator

IM Creator is probably not one of the best choices when it comes to eCommerce solutions, but it can turn out to be an excellent choice if you are looking to store a fairly low number of products. Basically, with IM Creator you can’t create a fully functional online store. You can, however, add unique PayPal payment buttons to separate items, so this is an ideal choice for users who want to sell a limited number of items, and don’t want to spend days creating and customizing an online store.


Webs offers some pretty cool features when it comes to online store. Users of this service get to pick from three choices: ‘Commerce’ mode from the Builder module; setting up a unique Webs eCommerce store; integrating Esty store in your Webs-based website. The ‘Commerce’ mode is recommended for users who want to sell a few items, while the Webs eCommerce store is best suited if you want a fully functional online store. With the latter you get all the functionality you may need – cataloguing and arranging products, setting up coupon codes, managing inventory, customer support, and much more.

Square Space

Square Space may just turn out to be one of the most reasonable choices when it comes to eCommerce website builders. Their platform features tons of options and extras that can expand your online store’s functionality. Users can opt for a broad range of subscription plans, but you must remember that the only supported payment method is Stripe. With Stripe all of your sales will be taxed with 2.9%+0.3$. The Square Space platform allows you to set-up a unique online store that can display all kinds of physical or digital goods and services. You can manage inventory, apply coupons, enjoy a broad range of security enhancements, and much more!


Moonfruit isn’t a very popular eCommerce website builder but it definitely has some neat features to offer. However, there is one major setback – the only supported payment solution is PayPal, which may prove to be a problem for some people. However, if you can get around this issue, then Moonfruit has everything you may want from an eCommerce website builder – a simple and easy-to-use interface, a broad range of great features, unique and stylish templates, as well as a very convenient administrator dashboard. Moreover you can also check out great ecommerce website designs to get an idea how to proceed. Social media integration is on the top level, and mobile support is implemented in every eCommerce website built through Moonfruit.


GoDaddy’s website builder is quite popular but this isn’t because of its functionality or the features it offers. In fact, its popularity is because GoDaddy is one of the best known hosting and domain providers. Regardless of this fact, we think that the GoDaddy eCommerce website builder isn’t that bad, and it can actually deliver some very satisfying results. The online stores it can create are characterized with simplicity, good looks, and they implement some of the most important features you may want to see in your eCommerce platform.

The default payment method is Stripe, but you can also integrate PayPal. If you don’t want to create a new online store, then you can add a shopping cart to your existing GoDaddy website for just $4.99/month which may seem like a great option for those of you are planning to sell few products.


1&1 offers one of the simplest eCommerce solutions. Thanks to it you can implement a shopping cart in your existing website, and you can start selling your physical or digital goods and services in a matter of minutes. The shopping cart comes with a broad range of options such as coupons, several payment processors, and fully customizable product details. The interface is very intuitive and easy-to-use, and 1&1 is definitely recommended for those of you who want a simple and easy solution to their eCommerce-related desires.

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