7 Top Link Building Tactics for 2018

Due to the fact that the tools and skills needed for link building keep advancing, many people assume that it’s no longer necessary. Google holds link building in high esteem and mentioned that it’s one of the top-ranking factors. It’s impossible for websites of this age to rank well without investing in a viable search engine optimization strategy. Link building should be handled with care because having low quality links can adversely affect your ranking in SERPs. These techniques are crucial for building links successfully.

1. Understand your audience

No matter how great your writing skills are, it’s impossible for everyone to be your audience. In this wise, you need to define who your target audience are through research. After this process, the data can be used to create content, product or services that are tailored to their needs and preferences. Carrying out keyword research will also give you an insight into the search terms they often use.

2. Craft unique content

The benefits of having a blog are endless. It offers you the opportunity to share your views with the world. Deliver unique content that is relevant to your industry and target audience consistently. There is a high possibility that other websites will link to your content once it’s amazing.

3. Comment on other blogs

Without mincing words, commenting on other blogs can be a time-consuming process. However, it’s a smart way to drive more traffic to your site, but remember to add your URLs. You will also be able to connect with others in your niche. If you comment consistently, most bloggers will likely reciprocate the gesture too.

4. Create infographics

At times, web visitors won’t have the motivation to go through a text-based content. Visual elements such as infographics are often integrated in order to catch people’s attention instantly. The bottom line is that it must be simple with a powerful headline and other elements. There are several infographic templates online that will help to simplify this process.

5. Use social media

Social media is an indirect technique to build links to your site. Several people have been using it to build relationship and communicate with others for years now. After creating awesome content, take advantage of social media platforms so as to reach a wider audience. Embedding social media share buttons under each blog posts can encourage visitors to share the posts with their friends.

6. Establish meaningful relationships

This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to build links to authority sites naturally. Although it can take time, the benefits are long lasting. Perhaps there are certain influencers that inspire you in your niche, start following and interacting with them on social media. Later on, you can approach them and request for backlinks. As you build the relationship, it’s possible to learn a thing or two that will improve your SEO strategy.

7. Internal links

Internal links are used to connect different pages within a particular site. Truth be told, internal linking can make visitors to spend more time on the important web pages. In addition, it helps to reduce bounce rate and makes it easier for bots to crawl and index websites. Ensure that you use relevant keyword phrases in order to get the best results.