For any WordPress Website Choose only A2 Hosting

Owning a website requires one of the following:

  1. Either it is built from scratch, which requires programming skills.
  2. Or pay a professional web designer to build it.
  3. Or purchase it ready-made.
  4. Or use an open-source Content Management System like WordPress.

The last option is the best method of owning a website because it fast, cost less, and you have the full control on your website.

WordPress is a DYI tool that lets you create any website. WordPress is highly customizable, efficient and secure. WordPress does not necessarily require programming knowledge but is an advantage if available. It has large users as it powers more than 70 million websites around the world.

However, running a WordPress website on typical and shared hosting impend its performance. There are hosting plans tailored to the specific need of a WordPress website. These hosting plans do not only provide resources for WordPress websites, but they also offer additional services that take care of technical aspect on the website. Such hosting plans are called Managed WordPress Hosting plans.

A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting

A2hosting Managed Wordpress Hosting is the best hosting plan suitable for WordPress websites. It has a lot of rich features that enhance WordPress performance and also boost the owner’s productivity.

  • Dedicated hosting; while other websites hosted on shared server compete for resources such as bandwidth, disk space, and so on. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting offers a 100% dedicated hosting for any website on it. This implies your website will be isolated with adequate resources.
  • Turbo speed; 20x an average website speed is indeed a turbo speed. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting offers this speed, and it is real.
  • Large storage space; the least storage space that you will get with A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting is 10GB, this is more than enough for a basic WordPress website. But you can get more; up to 40GB storage space.
  • Powered by Plesk; Plesk is the best backend to automate CMS websites as it can be used to schedule any task from its dashboard.
  • Site staging; there are times there is a need to add new features, test a new component, and do other technical updates on a WordPress website without affecting the live version of the website. Site staging is a feature that clones a live website for testing without interrupting the live state of such website. Site staging is readily available with A2hosting Managed Wordpress Hosting.
  • Unlimited free WordPress components; yes, WordPress is free, but its components are not entirely free. With A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting, you can have access to several premium themes and plugins at zero cost.
  • Free Jetpack personal license; jetpack is the best WordPress plugin to enhance speed, and you can install it directly via your WordPress dashboard. However, you will need a personal license to activate it which you have to purchase. Good news is that Jetpack personal license comes free with Jetpack personal license.
  • Free SSL, SSD, and CDN: all these features enhance speed and security of a WordPress website. SSD is an alternative to traditional hard disk hosting. CDN hosts scripts and other website resources on a secure server. And SSL secures website against hacking attacks.
  • Easy site transfer; you can have experts move your website from other hosting servers to A2hosting servers. A2hosting Managed Wordpress Hosting has experts dedicated to such service, and it can be done within minutes. Your website visitors might not even notice.
  • Easy and automatic updates; WordPress and its modules must be updated regularly to updated versions. Usually, the upgrade should be done manually, but A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting it is handled automatically.
  • Automated backup; though rarely happens but a WordPress can crash unexpectedly and may result in loss of data. Backing up a website is sometimes tedious, but you can get it handled automatically with A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting. All you need is set the interval at which you want your website to be backed up.
  • Money back guarantee; in case you have purchased and have a valid reason not to continue using A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plan, you can have your money again. But this is based on terms and conditions which you must take your time to observe correctly before you buy the hosting plan.

According to Hosting Review, A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting is the best hosting plan suitable for WordPress websites. It has a lot of rich features that enhance WordPress performance and also boost the owner’s productivity.