How to Select the Perfect WordPress Theme

First impressions do matter when it comes to web design and 95% of this impression is design-related. Getting visitors on your website isn’t enough; you need to make them stay, so as to reduce the bounce rate and keep a reliable number of visitors who could be potential clients. The aesthetics and functionality of a website are some of the most important features that keep visitors coming back. When designing your website, your choice of theme should be taken into consideration, as it helps determine your design layout.

WordPress themes are quite common for websites, as most website owners find them easy to integrate and use. However, there are so many of these themes available that choosing the perfect one could be a chore. 

Highlighted below are five important things to consider when selecting a WordPress theme for your website:

1. Website Purpose and Personality

It is important that when selecting a theme, you choose one that matches your brand’s purpose and personality. For instance, if you’re a photographer, your WordPress theme should be able to accommodate several pictures and amplify them, even more than text, as users scroll through. Also, as important as aesthetics are for your website, functionality is also a priority that should not be ignored. There are several WordPress themes available that would perfectly match the niche of your brand that you can select from.

2. Budget

For a WordPress theme to be perfect, it has to suit your budget. Remember that beyond applying this theme, your website needs to be managed appropriately. This will most likely require more funding, so you may want to consider your budget first to help you determine the perfect theme that fits.

3. Responsiveness and Mobile-Friendliness

Responsiveness and mobile-friendliness are key in a website, as it helps you retain visitors and also help improve your site’s SEO. This could be affected if you opt for the wrong theme. WordPress has a variety of websites available, including free and premium themes. If you are looking to get a theme with the best mobile responsiveness, a premium theme could be a better option as it provides more features. You don’t want to risk getting a cheap theme that would slow down your site load time.

4. Compatibility with Plugins

Plugins are necessary for your website, as they help extend functionality and add new features to the site. The ability of a theme to be compatible with plugins, specifically the ones you would need, is one of the things that make it perfect.

5. Browser and Device Compatibility

It is important that your choice of theme is compatible with different browsers and devices, to enable the best user experience for your visitors. The perfect WordPress theme will distort neither text nor image, or even any other kind of multimedia you put up. It should display these properly, regardless of the device and browser.


Finally, it is important that you remember that WordPress themes are selected to suit websites and not the other way round. The perfect theme must be easily tailored to your website’s needs. When you acknowledge this, it becomes easier for you to pick the perfect one.