Why Do I Need to Use a VPN?

Using a VPN can mean enjoying a safe, more secure internet experience with vastly more privacy. More and more people are expressing concerns about their online security due to the high level of data leaks that have taken place over the years. Read on to find out about some of the best reasons to start using a VPN if you’re not doing so already.

The risks of public networks

When you use a public network like the kind of free Wi-Fi services found in cafes and restaurants, you could be putting your data at significant risk. These connections are notoriously poor when it comes to security, but a VPN service can ensure your activity is hidden from hackers and others. Free Wi-Fi browsing is generally unencrypted, and the radio waves can be picked up by anyone. Malware from one device using the network could easily find its way to yours. Whilst most free Wi-Fi services are provided in good faith, some less than scrupulous business owners have used complimentary internet access as a channel for obtaining private information. When you have a VPN installed, you can make full use of free Wi-Fi securely.

Access geo-restricted content

Another good reason for using a VPN is that it becomes easier to access geo-restricted content. For instance, if you are abroad and want to catch up on the latest shows, you may see a message from the streaming service telling you the content is unavailable in your location. VPNs enable you to get around this as you can use servers in different countries that will mask your real IP address and make it look like you are in that country. Many people prefer a residential proxy list to have a better experience. Whilst some travellers use browser-based proxy tools to get around this, you may experience frustrating buffering. This is much less likely to be the case when you use a VPN. Most VPN providers have servers around the world that you can choose from. If you’re not using a VPN to gain access to geo-restricted content, it’s normally best to choose the server nearest to you to get the best speed.

Bypass censorship

Many researchers and journalists use VPNs to gain access to websites that are blocked in their countries. If you live or are staying somewhere where strong censorship limitations are in place, you can use a VPN to view the content that you require. You may wish to opt for a VPN provider that supports various operating systems and devices so you can easily switch seamlessly from your phone to your laptop and tablet rather than using different VPNs for specific devices.

VPNs and gamers

VPNs have also become incredibly popular amongst gamers thanks to the way they boost speeds.

When you play MMORPGs without a VPN, you may find your ISP is throttling your data, leading to a highly-compromised experience. VPNs can help you beat this problem and enable you to take on scores of gaming opponents from around the world simultaneously. They have also become extremely popular amongst users of Skype and other VOIP apps worried about eavesdropping. Only you and the person you are talking to will be able to see what is being sent when you use a VPN.

Torrenting and VPNs

VPNs are also great if you need to keep your use of torrenting software private. Many people have used torrents for entirely legal purposes yet still been accused of downloading copyrighted material.

There are many VPNs on the market that can keep your use of torrents private. Different VPNs can tend to have different rules when it comes to torrents, so it’s always best to read the terms and conditions properly before you sign up for a service. You may still be hit by malware hiding in torrent software and downloads, so make sure you are using a reputable and reliable anti-virus product even if you are employing a VPN.

Paid v free

As you may expect, you stand to gain a better experience if you are willing to pay for a VPN instead of using a free service. You shouldn’t have to pay a sky-high sum for a quality VPN service, and there are many VPN providers on the market offering a host of excellent features for very little. Why not see what the best VPN providers have to offer right now?