Why Running a Blog is Better with Friends!

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, then it is important to know what you are getting yourself into! The blogging world is not like it once was. In the past, a single blogger could write a post once a week, and as long as it was interesting and unusual, people would find it and that writer could develop an audience. Now, blogging is so commonplace that every single business has a blog it is working hard to promote, and using companies like Sioux Falls SEO specialists to help them do well on the search engines. This makes it much harder for every new blog to get established, and means you can’t expect to win at blogging just by writing one nice piece a week and waiting for visitors to happen!

Why Running a Blog is Better with Friends!

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This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go ahead with your blog, but that there may be more work involved than simply writing when the mood strikes you, and for this reason, it is way better to start your blog with help from a friend or two, so you can share the work!

Blogging and Social Networking

As well as adding content to your blog, if you want to reach a wide audience and make sure people are aware of your existence, you’re going to want to run at the very least a Twitter account. This can take a lot of time in itself to do well, so sharing the account with the people who you work with on your blog will make the whole process more manageable. You’ll want to share your posts regularly, follow the right people, and reply to tweets to grow your presence. You may also consider a Facebook page for your blog, or, depending on the nature of your niche, things like a Pinterest board.

Keeping Content Fresh

You’ll need to post regularly, and keep your content unique and interesting to make your blog a success. With more than one writer, you get more ideas, and a different tone in different posts, which can make things more interesting. If you and the people you choose have different specialisms within your niche, you can even have different ‘columns’ that you post on a certain day of the week where you talk about your own areas of special knowledge or interest within the scope of your site.


WordPress makes it easy for multiple people to work on the same blog, so as long as you each have accounts you can write, publish on and moderate the site whenever you can. There is also the possibility to add different levels of authority on the site, so if you want a friend to contribute but not do things like change the layout or add plugins, you can manage this too. Sharing the admin can also lead to an easier time running the blog, and you can do things like moderate and reply to comments more efficiently.

If you have a great idea for a blog, why go it alone? Talk to your friends or online connections and put together a team!