Hiring a Developer is Not That Easy: All You Need To Know

With the advent of the technology, the demand for the new and updated software is increasing day by day. Almost every sector requires computer technology for smooth working of their organization. This technology is not only limited to the business or industries, it is required in household sector too. Every day we all are using new technology software which we are even not aware of it. From buying groceries to the business transactions we made everything is attached with the computer technology itself. This is the, main reason for the growing trend of diploma or courses relating to Information Technology. Technology has spread its roots all around the things, we cannot think of surviving a day without making use of computer technology.

There are numerous software developers over the world having all the expertise knowledge and skills in this field. These people are specialized in developing the software which are used almost everywhere. There are about 18.5 million developers of software over the world and this number is all set to rise by a huge percentage in the next few years at a very high speed.

There may be number of reasons behind this growing pace which are discussed as follows:

  • Increasing demand: with the increasing aggregate demand, the industries need to have more and more software in order to operate softly. That is why the demand for these software developers is rising.
  • Technology: technology is growing at a very high speed; there is a dynamic and drastic change in the technology automation in almost every sector and department.
  • Specialized knowledge: it requires strong efforts and determination in order to be specialized in the particular field. Coding assessment is also one of the tasks which require all the expertise skills and knowledge to perform the coding testing. They need to be updated for the very minor change occurring in the economy.
  • Startups: there are so many emerging startups in the technology sector which are gaining importance in the youth worldwide.

Structure query language or SQL is easiest technology to seek and modify the data from the database. It includes or covers the simplest databases. It is not less than a challenge for the companies to select and hire the right software developer. The expected person is need to be expertise in the SQL field along with this he must know and aware to how to handle the pressure of work in tough situations as a challenge. You need to look for so many things in a candidate before selecting him as your software developer or coder. You need to be taking into many common factors which need to be examined before hiring candidate for your code assessment.

These are as follows:

  • Background of the candidate: you need to overlook the technical background of the aspired candidate. In order to be expertise or to be the right person for the job you have to examine the deep technical background of the candidate. He must possess all the essential skills and knowledge in this field. This factor has a direct effect on the performance of not only company but also of the market.
  • Knowledge of structure query language versions: there are so many versions updated of SQL relating to its features, requirements or functions. Before hiring a developer you must examine his knowledge about the versions of SQL. He is going to work on it and he must know about all the versions and advancements of it. You have to not only check the basic concepts and knowledge of the candidate but also need to examine the knowledge of the features and versions of SQL from him.
  • Capability to identify or mark errors: errors are the part of every task, where there is a work there is a error. But the intelligence is who will detect the errors first hand. Still indexing provide solution and guide to many problems and issues but still the hirer need to check the ability of the developer that is he able to identify the errors in software.
  • Awareness of various data base: the developer must be aware of the various databases. In order to execute the plans he must be aware of the different databases. If the developer is already aware of the other entire data base then he can perform his functions in a much better way. They can acquire more thorough knowledge of database while working but in order to learn more about the database, they must have the basic knowledge of the concepts of the database.
  • Interest of the candidate: the examiner needs to observe the interest area of the developer. Is the developer is interested in whatever he is going to do. While taking his interview, they need to check and examine the interest of the candidate in SQL. The candidate must be interested in SQL in order to perform his tasks in the most effective way.

The recruiter need to possess some specialized skills in order to recruit the best and useful developer. In order to assess the ability of the developer they need to conduct online assessment which includes both subjective and objective part related to the subject matter. Using some software, you can check the time taken by the candidate to solve each question. There is a strong need from the side of the interviewer to check the decision making skills of the developer that he is going to hire. Questions relating to successful and failure situations need to be asked, the stage he want to join the job in project set up, etc. such questions can be asked to judge about the decision making ability of the developer.

The hiring process is not an easy one, you need to have full knowledge and access of the subject matter in order to ask questions and examine the candidate. You need to choose the one which is specialized in multiple tasks rather than involving ourselves in one task only!