WooCommerce Product Addons Plugin – Features and Usages

WooCommerce is among the most common resources for developing and running eCommerce pages today. Although WooCommerce is equipped with a range of helpful apps available in market, that are being used for WooCommerce Add-ons package to improve our revenue further and expand product variants and offers in our operational stockpile. Here, we’re going to learn about some useful plugins that can be used to incorporate WooCommerce Product Addons free version. We will discuss all free and premium plugins for attaching Addons to the WooCommerce app, and we will also show how such extensions will support our online store.

While you search online to buy any device online, you might have seen several websites that let you pick the form of a processor, RAM buffer capacity, onboard power, graphics card, color, and more. And if you select the main elements, you’ll have a wide variety of feature add-ons that you can pick from. They vary from joystick, buttons, headphones, wallets, and gaming apps. These features are actually achieved in Woocommerce with the help of a Product Addon plugin. This is a very feature-rich and user-friendly plugin, that helps website owners in selling customized products or to collect additional requirements while purchasing very successfully. Thinking from the customer’s point of view, the product add-ons really helps websites to offer a clear communication to their users from the Woocommerce product page, so getting such a feature will help drive your profits to the maximum as the consumer will have massive choices.

Why is it essential?

It’s reality that it runs on WordPress, the fifth most crucial learning organization coordination, gives WooCommerce an additional edge. This ensures that WooCommerce stores will allow the flexibility, ease of usage, robustness, and durability WordPress has to bring. WooCommerce makes extreme use of the WordPress app ecosystem. In reality, WooCommerce is a plugin of WordPress that could be enabled usually for free from the authorized repository. Attached with the correct WooCommerce-friendly refrain, we have an e-commerce site. After that, we can easily pick to prolong the working of WooCommerce by installing WooCommerce plugins. For starters, we may add or combine several payment gateways, shipping laws, and so on. Even elsewhere, we can quickly connect the WooCommerce Plugins Addons to our website. We are wondering what ‘Addons’ means? Okay, let’s presume you’ve got an online jewelry store. Now, there’s a ring you’re selling in your store.

A WooCommerce Software Extension feature can allow you to provide your consumers with versatile configuration choices. This fits pretty well for the essential and flexible WooCommerce goods, and you can take advantage of the limited functionality that WooCommerce always offers. You may also easily combine this plugin with WooCommerce Delivery or WooCommerce reservation plugins to build a multi-layer online shop for themselves. If this loop was accessible in two colors of the same style, both in free and premium models?

How to install?

It is straightforward, specifically when we are talking about adding Products Addons for WooCommerce to an online store. We must locate the right WooCommerce extension for the task, and the rest can take care of themselves. This carries us to the big issue: Which are the best WooCommerce product extensions around here? Now we’re going to analyse some of the significant free and well-paid choices out there. This tall structure has several customizations that could be indicated for each product. After that, users can adjust the custom ideals to be compatible with their inclinations when buying a product.

Versions of Product Addons

Basically it is available in two free and premium versions. Ideally, the free version should be sufficient for utmost trivial to medium-sized online stores. While the premium edition comes bundled with some extra functions, such as optional reasoning, the option to incorporate Google Maps into specific areas, enabling people to add their video documents (such as photos, brand samples, etc.). The price of the paid version starts from $39. The free plugin WooCommerce plugin is very popular and has more than 20,000 downloads. After all, it has excellent ratings, most of which are 5-star stars. This speaks auspiciously about the efforts of the developers who implemented all the major required features, as well as the designers who made the plugin aesthetically top notch.

Premium Features of Product Addons

The Premium edition of Woocommerce Product Options plugin provides a wide variety of specialized tools to build the most beautiful product sites. It is fitted with all the necessary functionality for an additional commodity area plugin. You can define products with the most sought-after fields and attributes acquired from world-class supermarkets in WooCommerce.

Extra 4 field types

The pro edition includes four additional fields than the free app and enhanced features to boost the product profiles.

Additional display position for sections

It’s in premium plans. You should assign parts (field groups) to 3 predefined locations on the WooCommerce product list.

Advanced display rules

Further Words for Defining’ Display Rules’: In the Premium Edition, you will show the fields on a conditional basis depending on a variety of different criteria for setting up the ‘Display Rules.’ You will be able to more easily regulate the graphics of the field by creating extra constraints.

Price fields

This function helps you specify the price for your specific product areas, and this price would be applied to the overall cost depending on the value of the area. It is helpful if you choose to demand an extra fee for your specific acquisitions/facilities.

Custom validators

Custom Validator helps you to test fields by specifying regular expression laws.


This takes us to the conclusion of this report on the Addons Company of WooCommerce. As you can see, there are loads of decisions when it comes to introducing unique addon features to your WooCommerce app. It could be a smart idea to use free plugins before investing in a paid version. WooCommerce Variety polishes the most common name in the series, and certainly worth a look! That said, all the other plugins listed above are under active and steady growth, have a satisfied client base, and seem not to be losing out on any particular functionality.