3 WordPress Plugins for Fun and Fitness

These days, people are becoming more and more conscious of how healthy they are and how well they look. Because of this, sports apparel such as athletic shoes and other products are becoming popular with a lot of people.

It then comes as no surprise that a lot of online content is also geared toward health and fitness. Blogs that help people get six-pack abs or simply lose weight are becoming common. If you are among those who want to give your own website a fitness makeover, you might want to consider adding some WordPress plugins into your suite of functions.

In this article, we discuss three health and fitness plugins that make WordPress pages a lot more valuable and useful.


When we talk about health and fitness, many people immediately think about doing rigorous workouts. While this is not entirely wrong, conceptualizing health and fitness this way is somewhat incomplete. At the foundation of any fitness regimen is a person’s diet. You can do all the crunches in the world and still have flab because you are not eating right!

On WordPress pages, website owners can add plugins like Build-A-Meal which helps any user build a meal plan, complete with calorie counts and nutrient content descriptions. This plugin is also so well-designed that many users recommend it even to those are not tech-savvy.

CF Whiteboard

In case you don’t know, CrossFit is a trademarked fitness program that incorporates several forms of exercise from various disciplines. Normally, a CF program breaks down the body into target muscle groups, and each target will have their own sets of exercises.

If that sounds like the perfect exercise for you, then having the CF Whiteboard plugin is going to be great. This plugin allows its users to quickly get exercise ideas from a preloaded database. This makes working out a lot more efficient. In addition to this, the plugin also makes it possible for users to keep track of their progress by allowing them to set benchmarks and access their past records.


There are some people who are naturally inclined to managerial or leadership goals. If you are one of such people, then you will surely love the WPGYM plugin. This plugin allows you to manage the workout schedules and progress of the people who you oversee. If they are paying for your services, this plugin allows for efficient and effective payment collection as well.

Because this plugin collects data that are from other people, you have to make sure that your backup structures are secure so that there won’t be any problems should there be a need to migrate to other hosting platforms online.

Staying fit is surely among the goals of the modern people. Because of this, a lot of plugins are made to address the growing need for health and fitness assistance. But not all plugins are made equal, so extra care must be taken when choosing plugins. Some might look great but don’t really function well. In domains like this, it’s always function over aesthetics.