7 Ways How to Apply WordPress in Education

Objecting to the fact that technologies have shaped the education industry is meaningless. Today, computers, mobile devices, applications, and other programs are far more crucial to the learning process than a book, pen, and paper. Automatization of operations has also allowed identifying educational gaps. It helps in addressing the learning needs of different students while focusing on their natural skills.

One such tool is WordPress. It was developed as a software that helps in creating a website or web-application. It has a large number of templates. Due to this standardization, many people now have an opportunity to create their blogs, marketing web-pages, etc. Besides, WordPress can be applied as an educational tool as well.

Here are several ways proving that WordPress is a must for every college student.

Course Planning

WordPress has been seen as a blogging software only for a very long time. This prevented its development and advancement for other spheres of application. Today there are plenty of different course management tools available for teachers and educators.

Many of them choose WordPress if they want to share some course material with students. Moodle and other tools lose in terms of ease of applying and user-friendly interface. WordPress has beaten these competitors and continues to develop as an educational feature.


WordPress was designed as a perfect tool for blogging, and it can be used this way by students and educators. Teachers can write posts creating something like a virtual classroom. At the same time, learners can use it as a blackboard with upcoming assignments and other necessary notes. Also, the blogging component helps students work together on different team project assignments. It is applicable to share ideas and brainstorm efficiently.


Teachers can use a blog to ensure public access to lesson plans. Moreover, it can further become a forum for communication with parents. Many would agree that tracking their child’s success would be easier if the learning objectives of each course were open for access.

Posting such materials on the WordPress website is beneficial for this cause. Moreover, this is also good for students who have been absent for some time. It is easier to catch up if you know exactly what to look for. Some plugins allow email notifications that help track all changes related to the blog.

Class Website

A class website can be created to promote collaboration and mutual assistance between college students. There, learners can easily find information about all upcoming projects and track other assignments. Also, if such a website is actively managed and maintained, it can include some information about extracurricular activities that could interest many.


Students often find it hard to find the best way to demonstrate their skills. WordPress can be used to create ePortfolio that highlights all achievements and collects samples of the works. It can help one get to college or university of his or her choice. One by one, those links and multimedia that you add create a story about your skills. It promotes you and helps in showcasing one’s progress.

Writing Assistance

WordPress website can help students earn some cash to cover their educational needs. You can become an entrepreneur if you create your own site. It is easy to get lost in all the work and get behind with classes. Then there is no shame in using an essay writing service. You can even calculate the price of required paper with the help of online calculator https://essaypro.com/write-my-essay.html. Moreover, experienced authors can help in creating an excellent blog using WordPress. There is always a way to get professional assistance in any field, be it education or blogging hobby.


WordPress provides easy access to multimedia whenever you need it, given the stable Internet connection. Students and teachers can create an educational website full of different posts, video, presentations, and other multimedia as well as enable others to download the data. This interactive experience can improve academic performance and ensure understanding of complicated terms and concepts.

Wrapping Up

Abovementioned seven ways in which WordPress can make student’s life easier are just the most obvious ones. Students use WordPress for various other educational purposes. We are lucky to live in an era where technologies are available and easy to use. Many of them are yet to develop, providing educators and students with better chances of fruitful interaction and cooperation.